Priceless: Electronic Intifada Accused of Being Funded By “Israeli Extreme Right”

This is actually kind of hilarious: Ali Abunimah’s anti-Israel hate-site Electronic Intifada has been accused of being funded by Zionists – because it is critical of Mahmoud Abbas and the PA (hat tip: Vanessa).


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Palestinian sources say that the Israeli right-funded Web sites directed to the American public, attacking Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, two-state solution, and promote Israeli ideas.

Beirut : Forsake of working site «Electronic Intifada» (Electronic Intifada) in United States? It is funded Israeli extreme right of American Jews through? These questions began respond recently in circles close to Palestinian Authority in United States

It says various Palestinian sources said that the official Palestinian institutions are narrowing fed up with this site directed to Americans, and watched about half a million followers a month in the United States. First glance, it seems the use of the word «intifada» to support Palestine and the Palestinian cause, but when you reflect on what is written and published there, one finds that the whole is directed against the President of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Abu Mazen, as shown by the site appearance splitter client.

It is known that Abu Mazen described as sanctifies security coordination with Israel and boast extradition to Israel lies and falsehoods and misleading the American public opinion and the Islamic and Palestinian diaspora. On the other hand, the site said that the prisoners’ strike came as a result of consensus between Hamas and Fatah, and Abu Mazen opposed. But the truth is that support for the strike, and Hamas did not participate nor even called for its prisoners to a solidarity strike for even one day.


The site publishes a bi-national idea of ​​a single state, and attacking the two-state solution. Sources say in the Palestinian territories, everybody knows that the Israeli extreme right led by Naftali built with settlement leaders are calling for the same idea, namely the abolition of the two-state solution completely. It is not a coincidence convergence site «Intifada electronic» with the extreme Israeli right, which, according to information reached the Palestine Embassy in Washington, donating to the site of American Jews by calling for the establishment of a Greater Israel.

Based on the above, add the Palestinian sources, the site «Electronic Intifada» is trying to prevent the Americans and Muslims, its fans and the Palestinians to stand on the whole picture in Palestine, but fabricates news to touch the achievements of the PLO and prevent dedicating a two-state solution in the global mind, as it tries to organizers of the site to include the idea of ​​one state in favor of the Jews, and fueling the conflict hundreds of years to come.

These sources say: “If we think carefully about who wants to touch the Palestinian president and the PLO, we see that they Ihzawn on-site support and praise, such as Hamas and Palestinian leaders fleeing Israel and the extreme right in the Jewish state.”

Naturally, this is batshit crazy. Abunimah and Electronic Intifada are vehemently anti-Israel, and you could argue antisemitic. The reason they are critical of Abbas and the PA seems to be because they favor Hamas – especially Abunimation, who has repeatedly defended them.

But I do have to agree with one of their points: The Electronic Intifada does fabricate things – but their reason for doing so is to demonize Israel, not Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO.

I’m just waiting for one of Abunimah’s friends to accuse me of starting this theory!


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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