Electronic Intifada Writer Stupidly Proves That Prisoner is Islamic Jihad Terrorist…In Piece Implying He’s Not


Tamara Nassar of Ali “Abunimation” Abunimah’s Electronic Intifada has written a vile piece defending hunger-striking Islamic Jihad terrorist Maher al-Akhras.

The piece includes this paragraph implying that the allegation he is an Islamic Jihad terrorist is false.

Israel’s lies

Israel’s domestic intelligence agency Shin Bet is accusing al-Akhras of being a member of Palestinian resistance and political organization Islamic Jihad.

In a closed session with Israel’s high court, the state reportedly claimed that al-Akhras “had been recorded boasting” of being a member of the group from his hospital bed and urging others to “continue the struggle until not one Jew is left,” according to Israeli media, which viewed the video and its transcript.

Tel Aviv daily Haaretz reported that the transcript the state presented did “not contain any reference” by al-Akhras to Islamic Jihad.

Times of Israel also confirmed that the video and transcript did not contain reference to Islamic Jihad or “any message which directly incited the murder or expulsion of Jews.”

The Shin Bet said the transcript was “unrelated” and that al-Akhras’ “administrative file is not based on a single video taken after he was arrested,” Times of Israel reported.

Israel considers virtually all Palestinian parties to be “terrorist” organizations, meaning that any politically active person could be targeted for arrest.

But while Nassar tries to convince readers that al-Akhras is not an Islamic Jihad terrorist, she stupidly includes this:

Palestinian resistance factions across the political spectrum are demanding al-Akhras’ release.

Islamic Jihad assigned Israel “full responsibility” for his life.

which leads to this Islamic Jihad statement (auto-translated from Arabic), in which they admit he is one of their fighters

The piece also includes this photo

which shows a protesters in front of a picture of al-Akhras standing in front of the Islamic Jihad flag (a photo from the Islamic Jihad website)

We already know this scumbag is an Islamic Jihad terrorist; it is just amusing to see how this Israel-hater masquerading as a journalist provided more proof of it in her feeble attempt to deny it.

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