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De Niro

The Ten Plagues as Told by Ten Celebrities

In honor of Passover, my friend and comedian Elon Gold has created this video of the Ten Plagues, as told by ten celebrities

WATCH : Elon Gold on The Similarities Between Israel and Disneyland

It's funny because it's true

WATCH: Jay Leno on Why He Loves Israel & The Jewish People

We already knew that comedian Jay Leno was a huge lover of Israel and the Jewish people. But it doesn't hurt to hear it again, especially since he is always hilarious.

WATCH: Aussie Dave Interviews Comedian and Actor Elon Gold (Part Three)

And that's a wrap! The final part of my interview with Elon Gold is here for your enjoyment

WATCH: Aussie Dave Interviews Comedian and Actor Elon Gold (Part Two)

In the second installment of my interview with Elon, we learn how it was to work with Pamela Anderson, Dave Chappelle, Larry David and others.

WATCH: Aussie Dave Interviews Comedian and Actor Elon Gold (Part One)

For those that did not catch part one of my interview with internationally renowned actor and comedian Elon Gold, here it is

Don’t Miss It! A Hilarious Interview with Comedian Elon Gold

Tomorrow (Sunday April 12th), I will be streaming the first part of an interview with my good friend, internationally renowned comedian and actor Elon Gold

WATCH: Comedian Tom Green: “I Am Very Pro-Israel”

Comedian Tom Green recently appeared on my friend and fellow comedian Elon Gold's Instagram Live show My Funny Quarantine.

WATCH: Elon Gold on the Jewish New Year

Comedian Elon Gold speaks about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year

WATCH: Elon Gold On Fire With Holidays Humor

One of my favorite comedians in action

Jewish Comedian Elon Gold Victim Of Hate “Incident”

When unfunny things happen to funny people

Comedy Gold! A Review Of Comedy For Koby Featuring Elon Gold

Where Aussie Dave reviews last night's comedy show he and Brian attended

Thursday Night Funny

Jewish comedian Elon Gold's take on accents
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