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Why Israeli PM Netanyahu May Not Be Happy With New Entebbe Movie

Nothing in the trailer suggests it will paint the terrorists sympathetically, but the PM may not like it for another reason

WATCH: Trailer for New Entebbe Movie

Looks great, and nothing in the trailer indicates it is going to go the way of Munich
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Great Moments in European Union Counter-Terror: The Entebbe Raid

The European Union show Israel how anti-terror is REALLY done

Israel at Eurovision, How Times Have Changed

An interesting slice of history
PM Benjamin Netanyahu at ceremony honoring brother Yoni 40 yeras after Entebbe

40 Years After Entebbe

Remembering the events of July 4th, 1976

Richard Silverstein Proves He Is An Ignoramus. Again

He can't even get the basics correct

WATCH: Ugandan President’s Surreal Entebbe Address

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni wows the crowd..for all the wrong reasons

Where Jews Pray

I loved seeing it in Rome, I love seeing it in Uganda

Entebbe Raid Anniversary

Besides being US Independence Day, July 4th has a different significance for Israelis.

The Entebbe Raid – 35 Years On

Besides being America's Independence Day, July 4th is also the date that Operation Entebbe occurred 35 years ago.
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The Day In Israel: Monday July 5th, 2010

With Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu scheduled to meet US President Barack Obama tomorrow, Jerusalem is making every effort to prevent embarrassments such as those that occurred during his previous visit to the White House.

The Day In Israel: Mon Oct 26th, 2009

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have decided to appoint a small team to review Israel's course of action on...

Entebbe Is So Yesterday

Here's an interesting report that shows how Israel and Uganda are making nice.* The Israeli government has promised to support the Uganda Police Force acquire...
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