Richard Silverstein Proves He Is An Ignoramus. Again


Anti-Israel DouchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein loves calling himself a journalist, even though he is just..well, an anti-Israel DouchebloggerTM.  He also considers himself an expert on the Middle East. He isn’t that either.

So I guess it must be highly embarrassing for him that I point out this glaring error of his regarding the Entebbe raid.


dickie error

Bibi breaks out this new meme just in time for his speech on the Entebbe runway where Yoni Netanyahu died freeing the Israeli hostages in 1972. It’s like he’s playing the greatest hits of his political career. He is absolutely shameless. Not above exploiting the memory of his dead brother for political gain.

1972 was the Munich Games, not Entebbe. Most of the world knows Entebbe happened in 1976 given the highly publicized 40th anniversary yesterday.

So going by his own standards, I guess that would make him a moron.

Of course, this is just another in the long list of errors and sloppiness by Silverstein.

In other Dickie news

Oh my, this is awkward.

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