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New Report: Antisemitic Violence in Europe Mostly Perpetrated By Muslim Extremists

If that documentary on antisemitism in Europe bent some noses out of shape, the findings here most certainly will

WATCH: Alan Dershowitz Interview In London

Dershowitz: “The world is a much less safe place over the last 16 years”.

WATCH: Proleptic Dhimmitude, Palestinianisation And A Bottle Of Beer

"There's a new strain of the old lethal virus, Morphed like wildfire all around us, Jew-hatred mutated to anti-Zionist"

When Hating Israel Costs Lives

When hating Israel is more important than saving lives

WATCH: Bill Maher: “Europe Has Been Real A-Holes About Israel”

He said it..in his typical politically incorrect fashion.

Reader Post: Western Islamophobia: Who Are We Kidding?

Is "Islamophobia" the real problem?

Katy Perry And Madonna Speak Out Against Antisemitism

With many celebrities seeming to side with evil these days, those who speak out against it deserve props

Free Speech In Denmark Has Consequences

Taking up arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing, ending the lives of Jews.

Danish Ambassador To Israel: “You Are One Of Us”

Such an assertion could only be made by a person who has suffered a total break with any semblance of reality.

Reader Post: Punishing Israel Is No Remedy For Western Guilt.

Repeating a fallacy does not make it kosher no matter how many times the international community tells the lie

Jew Bashing, The New Antisemitism Episode 2: New Anti-Semitism Europe

The second episode of a compelling new series

Game Time: UN Palestine Vote Edition

Fun for the whole family!


From the country that brought us Antisemitic Railway Employee comes Antisemitic Foreign Aggressor of Immigrant Origin


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