When Hating Israel Costs Lives

The BDS movement is a racist, antisemitic movement whose motivation is and has always been the destruction of Israel. This is not news to anyone who follows their actions and their methodology.

Yet, besides being incessantly annoying, which they are, I remain unconvinced of any significant economic impact they really have on Israel.  Their war is more of a psychological nature than an economic one.  Yes, it’s true that some musicians don’t tour Israel like… what’s that washed up guy… you know the one… crazy hair… not that bright… supports terror… supposed to have been famous once…  Reginald Waters, or something like that. But it’s also true that so many musicians are also making the trip to Israel, ones that matter like Paul McCartney or the Rolling Stones with more in the pipeline.

But the movement itself is so obsessed with its hatred that it will happily jeopardize the lives and the economic prosperity of others in order to pursue their malevolent goals.  We saw this when their persistent pressure on the SodaStream company forced them to relocate, causing hundreds of Palestinians to lose their jobs.  So while they celebrated a pyrrhic victory for “freedom”, Palestinian works were left without means to support their families.

And today we saw an example where their obsession with Israel is actually costing human lives as well.  Because a report revealed that security software developed in Israel that was offered to French security officials was refused due to an instruction from officials higher up not to purchase Israeli tech.  The software is used to track terrorists by linking up a series of databases and it’s very possible that it could have stopped the attacks in the French capital last year.


I’m not sure how citizens of those countries would feel knowing that the officials who look after their security actually jeopardized it by sticking to a false principle that says you should boycott the only democracy in the Middle East.

It’s an irony in life that as Europe implodes with terrorism that appears almost rampant across the continent, they remain focus on labeling Israeli tomatoes rather than on fighting this evil that is spreading itself across its territories.

It’s also another irony that this little country of Israel – a country that they are obsessed with to the point of paranoia, a country they are so focused on always looking for ways to “punish” it for not marching to their drumbeat, a country that is rated as the “biggest threat to world peace” according to previous EU polls, is the same country they need the most to keep them safe.

As a citizen of any country, you demand that the people in charge look after your security – first and foremost before anything else. It is the basic obligation and principle of any state.

The officials in charge of those European countries that continue to try to pressure Israel and turn a blind eye to Palestinian terror have given up their obligations and their principles and as a result, the security of their citizens are suffering.


Justin Amler

Justin is obsessed with Israeli pickles and has used that knowledge in order to blog about Israel and the Jewish world. He gains great pleasure when his blogs are read by more than just his mother.

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