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UNRWA Caught With Their Lying Pants On Fire Again

UNRWA's Israel bashing tweet gets demolished in the best possible way.

Holding Out For A Hero

All you had to do was copy the story from a proper newspaper, and you failed Daily Mirror.

Bing Translation Fail Or Deliberate?

Where Bing converts any airstrikes to Israeli strikes

Haaretz’s Story On Mandžuki? Tattoo Appears Straight Out Of Lazy Journalism Textbook

Because why verify your headline claim when you can just blame Google Translate.

Adventures In Photo Captioning: UK Independent (Updated)

This is not the fascist, white supremacist you’re looking for. #fail

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Fail

Israel's official Twitter account unwittingly undoes the Great Schism

Feeble In Seattle

A group of Hamas sympathizers in Seattle tried to prevent the Zim Chicago from unloading but achieved little more than giving Zion Mike a splitting headache.

I24 News Thinks It’s 1993

Long live Czechoslovakia!

12 Year Old Hamas Tweeter Is Funny

Hamas use Google Translate and fail

Olympics Fail Of The Day

Empty Seats Everywhere...

Nakba Poster Revisited

More observations on the Nakba poster


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