Nakba Poster Revisited


In my post on Friday, I showed a “Nakba” poster:

Well, I was wrong. Hebrew does indeed feature on it. Even twice.

Third line from top, and 4 lines beneath the big “palestina” in the bottom half.

Here it is blown up, but you’ll need to squint.

However, my warning about the trickiness of Hebrew to the non-Hebrew speakers who made this poster still stands. The Hebrew text is reversed.

It reads: ????????? ?????

It should have read: ????? ?????????, The Palestinian Authority.

This brings me to the next thing about this poster that does not make sense. Although the title of it is “Palestine”, referring to the piece of land between the river Jordan and the Mediterranean sea, most of the names in it are a translation of  “Palestinian Territory”, not Palestine, and some are of the Palestinian Authority, which at best, controls the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria. At worst, Area A and B in Judea and Samaria.

So not only is the text wrong, it doesn’t even match up to the Pal-Arab voice on the ground, where Hamas and Fatah are at each other’s throat.

In addtion, the outline of Israel is wrong! The outline of the poster is in black, superimposed on a contemporary map of Israel from Wikipedia in blue:

Above all that, this is certainly not written in all 7358 languages!

So what we have here is a mix of wrongs, errors, and narcissism, not unfamiliar in anti-Israel circles.

I now give you, the corrected version of this poster, made by me.

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