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Palestinians Accuse Prince William of Asserting Jewish Sovereignty Over “Al-Buraq Wall”

Apparently this display of respect is a "Jewish ritual" and an attempt to assert a Jewish claim on this "Muslim" holy site

The New York Times Has Truly Hit a Wall

There was a time the New York Times would never have dreamed of writing something like this

Here’s A Bit Of Culture For UNESCO

Where I throw a bit of culture back in their faces

Photo Of The Day: Women Of The Wall Edition

This one photo encapsulates so much of what is unique about Israel.

WATCH: What A Difference A Day Makes

New pictures and video from today in Jerusalem.
Thousand were at Wailing Wall through the night

Photo of the Day: Tisha B’Av Night

Tens of thousands came to mark Tisha B'Av at Western Wall

Israel’s Women Of The Wall Should Accept Success And Move On

Egalitarian prayer is ongoing at the Robinson's Arch section of the Wall

Must Watch: Gazan Visits The Western Wall

You won't believe what happens next

Someone Is Disconnected From Reality (But It’s Not Bibi)

The results of Tuesday's election showed an upsurge in support for Republicans among American Jewish voters

Prayers At The Kotel

What does it sound like when tens of thousands of Jews pray for our boys?

Izzy And The Muslim Guard

Izzy confronts a Muslim guard who explains that the Temple Mount is no longer holy to the Jews.

Dire Straits At The Western Wall

Money for nothing and the checks for free

The Day Security At The Western Wall Was a Joke

A few years ago, Spiderman made it to the Kotel, the Western Wall in Jerusalem's old city. It has now come to my attention that last year, one of the bad guys made it there, surprisingly passing through security

I Love Ramp (UPDATE: Now With 100% More Maps!)

Israel has closed the Mughrabi Gate. About freaking time.
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