Al Aqsa Mosque Just A Stone’s Throw Away From Western Wall

Muslim worshipers today showed their appreciation for the religious freedom afforded them by Israel.

Just kidding.

Police forces burst onto the Temple Mount plaza on Friday afternoon following the end of Friday prayers at the Al-Aksa Mosque, after dozens of young worshippers started throwing rocks from the entrance of the Mugrahbi Gate towards the Kotel plaza below. Three demonstrators were arrested in connection with rock throwing, and police are expecting more arrests during the course of Shabbat. There were no injuries.

Demonstrators began throwing the rocks next to the Mugrahbi gate around 1:35. Border police entered the plaza around 1:40 and immediately broke up the demonstrations using force. The rest of the worshippers left the premises by 2:30 without incident, the police reported.

Here is video from the Kotel showing Jewish worshipers fleeing from the avalanche of rocks (at around 10 seconds into the video).

(Hat tip: Lenny)

Update: Maybe I am being unkind. Perhaps the Muslims were playing soccer up there, and kept accidentally kicking balls down below.

6 thoughts on “Al Aqsa Mosque Just A Stone’s Throw Away From Western Wall”

  1. Compare headlines:
    Ynet — Police enter Temple Mount to stop riots
    Haaretz — Israel police and Palestinians clash at Temple Mount in Jerusalem
    Jpost — Police forcefully enter Temple Mount after stones thrown
    INN — Police Storm Temple Mount After Stones Thrown

    Im surprised at INN. They usually are more friendly in their titles. Ynet takes the cake. Haaretz could go where it is or at the bottom. It is pretty neutral, altho it doesnt mention the stones…

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