The New York Times Has Truly Hit a Wall


Honest Reporting takes the New York Times to task for some of their trademark media bias:

The New York Times is perfectly entitled to muse over whether US President Donald Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a good idea.

The NYTimes editorial on the subject goes further however.

Since when was the Western Wall “another piece of leverage” to be conceded?

Newsflash New York Times: The Western Wall won’t “eventually be declared part of Israel.” It’s already part of Israel and is the holiest site that Jews can pray. It doesn’t only abut “some of Islam’s most sacred sites.” Whether the NY Times likes it or not, the Western Wall happens to abut the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most sacred site.

I would go further – there was even a time the New York Times would never have dreamed of writing something like this, and accepted some basic facts, including: that the Western Wall was the place of the Jews, the Temple Mount really was the site of the Jewish temple until the Muslims conquered it much later on, and that the Muslims deprived the Jews of their rights to pray at the wall freely.

Below are but a few examples.

Note: I cannot provide a link to the full articles since they are only available to those who have purchased a NY Times subscription. But I have provided screenshots below. As usual, click on the screenshots to enlarge.

New York Times, April 24 1895:

New York Times, Sept 28 1913:

New York Times, July 9 1922:

New York Times, June 13 1925:

New York Times, Oct 7 1928:

New York Times, June 26 1930:

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