Zionist Hybrid Mutated – Weapons Equipped – Rhino Of DeathTM

You can’t make this stuff up!

Agent ZR-345 practising bio-warfare

Retired official claims Israeli military’s biowarfare division working on genetically-modified ‘hybrid animals’

by Zaki Khalid
[Terminal X Special Report]

In what might sound as something out of a fantasy video-game or Nordic mythology, sources close to TX revealed on Sunday evening via email that Israel is working on a heavily-funded bio-engineering program which is funded by a select group of retired elites within the Israel Defence Forces on‘hybrid animals’.

The source, who is a retired security official from a Gulf country, made the claims while referring to one of his junior comrades who was tasked with undercover information gathering in the illegitimate state more than 7 years ago.

“He described a large, underground laboratory adjacent to the Negev desert where a highly-secured bunker was located, guarded by about two dozen troops of the elite Sayaret Matkal commandos and Military Intelligence units”.

“He observed various visits to the facility by then Military Intelligence chief Aharon Zeevi-Farkash accompanied by a panel of scientists who changed on rotation every other day. Although he wasn’t able to capture any footage owing to the high security and sensors in the area, he was able to have several glances from very narrow openings”.

The retired officer described how the underground bunker had another sub-station inside it which had no window at all:

“He recalls those Zionists (Israelis) talking of ‘super beasts’ equipped with improvised weapons“.

Did the said spy who claims to have found such a facility actually see any such‘mutated beasts‘? This question was posed to the source:

“Once, he shared details of a group of bizarre rhinoceroses and canines but never spoke on the subject again. Our superiors thought we had been feeding on tell tale rumours hence that chapter was closed once and for all”.

At the end, the source said that he, along with his subordinate, retired early from service.

It’s just the latest devious Zionist plan to take over the animal kingdom.

This article is so ridiculous, that even the host site – which is one big anti-american and anti-Semitic trope – takes caution:

Disclaimer: TX was not able to cross-verify this news and does not necessarily endorse the claims made therein.


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