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Zionist Pugs Cartoon: Leila Khaled, #NotMyFeministIcon

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WATCH: Interview With Leila Khaled Hijacking Survivor Rodney Khazzam

Earlier today I interviewed Rodney Khazzam, who was a child on board El Al flight 219, one of the planes hijacked by palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled.

A Letter to SFSU President Lynn Mahoney, By One of Leila Khaled’s Hijacking Victims

One of the survivors of El Al flight 219 - which Khaled hijacked - has penned this heartfelt letter to SFSU President Lynn Mahoney

SFSU President Defends Hosting Talk By Unrepentant Terrorist Leila Khaled

SFSU President Lynn Mahoney has spoken

San Francisco State University Hosting Online Event With Palestinian Terrorist Leila Khaled

Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas (AMED) Studies at San Francisco State University is hosting a Zoom discussion on Wednesday, September 23, featuring notorious palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled - referred to as a "militant."

Africa 4 Palestine Head Muhammed Desai Glorifies a Terrorist (Again)

The head of Africa 4 Palestine is Muhammed "Me Too" Desai. And he thinks we are all idiots.

BDS South Africa Head Muhammed Desai Shows He Likes His Women Rough

We already know that BDS South Africa Head Muhammed Desai loves the ladies. And it seems, from his Facebook page, that he really has a type

WATCH: Marc Lamont Hill: “I’m Going [Plane Hijacker] Leila Khaled-Style”

Yet more disturbing comments by MLH come to light

Italy Denies Entry to Terrorist Leila Khaled

And boy are her supporters fuming

Reader Post: Lawfare Project Files Charges Against Leila Khaled With National Court of Spain

Suit aims to hold Khaled accountable for her actions

WATCH: Leila Khaled’s Antisemitism and Genocidal Wishes Receives Applause In European Parliament

They knew who they were getting, and they loved every minute of it.

UK-Based Israel Haters Out Themselves As Terror-Supporters Aiming To Destroy Israel

Not only do they support terrorism and the eradication of Israel, but they want to be part of it

Photo Of The Day: Welcome Terrorist!

South Africans protesting terrorist Leila Khaled being invited by BDSHoles to a speaking engagement


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