YouTube Abruptly Ends Stream of Leila Khaled Webinar…Before the Terrorist Got to Talk


Following Zoom’s refusal to host the webinar of unrepentant terrorist Leila Khaled, organizer Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi of AMED Studies at SFSU tried to livestream it on Facebook.

That attempt failed, with Facebook disallowing it.

So Abdulhadi went over to YouTube…and the stream began.

Following some long-winded introductions – and mass-reporting by freedom-loving, terror-hating people (including yours truly), the stream abruptly ended, around 23 minutes in. Most importantly, before Khaled got to open her pie hole.

It looks like we won this particular game of whack-a-mole…for now.

And Abdulhadi’s not happy.

(Note the antisemitic comment, which Abdulhadi has not seen fit to remove).

I’m sure this isn’t the end of it, and they’ll try to host her on another platform. But for now, I’ll enjoy this victory.

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