Pitzer College Professor Among Those Deliberately Contravening Zoom’s ToS to Promote Terrorist

A post by reader Aaron Edwards


Anti-Zionists continue to demonstrate their adoration for terrorism with their Leila Khaled obsession. After a September 23rd San Francisco State University event was canceled by Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube for the promotion of terrorism on their platforms, the “peace activists” of BDS decided to double down on their worship of an airplane-hijacking terrorist. These radical extremists continue to show that they not only have no regard for civil decency, but also disrespect the rights of the platforms they exploit.

Leila Khaled is a member of PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), a Palestinian-Marxist organization that is listed by US State Department as a terrorist group. Her claim to fame was a series of airplane hijackings in the 70s. As a symbol of resistance for revolutionaries, she continues to promote and encourage violence against civilians. It’s for her advocacy of terrorism that she’s previously been deported from countries like the UK and Italy.

Faculty members and school departments from SFSU organized an official event with Khaled promoting and celebrating “resistance”, which is a term often used to describe terrorist activity. SFSU’s president ignored hundreds of emails organized by Act-IL from people concerned about the promotion of political violence, copping out by pretending that it was a free speech issue. It was only when pro-Israel movement #EndJewHatred reached out to Zoom that the story took a turn on the extremists. Zoom has a terms of service clause against using their platform to promote terrorism or support terrorist organizations. Zoom showed other platforms the correct response by revoking the radical’s ability to use Zoom. As the extremists fled to Facebook and YouTube, the other platforms followed suit by stopping the spread of Khaled’s hateful message.

Rather than rethink their association with terrorism, furious radicals organized dispersed smaller scale events to protest the cancellation. With the same co-sponsors and led by USACBI, they set up several events using official university Zoom accounts. The Pro-Israel and counter-terrorism community was quick to take action, and with efforts including StandWithUs, CAMERA, and the Lawfare Project, events at NYU, University of Leeds, and University of Hawaii were canceled by Zoom.

Out of these events comes a display of serious contempt and a sense of entitlement by the radical Israel-haters. Zoom sent legal missives to some of the other events on the list, warning them that they were letting the event proceed, but warning them not to include Khaled.

While, as stated above, your event is on this list, because it does not state explicitly that Ms. Khaled will join, we are currently allowing the event to proceed on our platform. However, if we learn that Ms. Khaled will join the event, we will take actions, potentially including, but not limited to, suspension or termination of violating meetings or users.

In typical fashion, this was not only ignored but spat on by extremists like Daniel Segal. Segal is a faculty member at Pitzer college, and also a member of the organizing board of USACBI. The hosting zoom account of the Leila Khaled event at Claremont colleges was an official Pitzer zoom account, according to USACBI’s event listings.

In a tweet, Daniel Segal acknowledged that they had seen the legal missive that Zoom sent them against use of the platform to host Khaled. Segal tweeted gleefully that they had ignored the message, and hosted Khaled anyway. In other tweets, Segal further confirmed that Leila Khaled was the feature of the Zoom event. In their official after-action statement, USCABI echoed the same message. They corroborated that they had seen and ignored Zoom’s requests, and that the events featured Leila Khaled.

USCABI, Daniel Segal, Pitzer, and Claremont went against Zoom’s terms of services and demands with full knowledge of what they were doing. Presumably, should Zoom discover these developments, the violators will face consequences. As radicals continue to act in defiance of Zoom’s anti-terrorism position, the company should take a strong stand and show them that they will not be ignored or mocked. It’s recommended that concerned citizens notify Zoom by email.

Hopefully these terrorist supports will get their comeuppance for their insolent and nasty behavior.

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