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Blood Libel: The IDF Soldier & The Bleeding Boy

The following photo, supposedly of an IDF soldier brutalizing a poor palestinian, has been doing the rounds for a while now

Jew Hater CJ Werleman Terminates the Truth

Jew hater CJ Werleman has tweeted about Zionist Deathbots.TM

WATCH: What Do Actual Palestinian Arabs Think About Life in Israel?

Spoiler alert: not what the haters, UN, and mainstream media are telling you

BDS-Holes Set to Go Heavy Mental Over Maiden Israel

British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden are in talks to perform in Israel next year

BDS-Holes Sprung Lying Again About a Supposed “Success”

A group called the Canadian BDS Coalition are claiming their campaign to pressure NBA champions the Toronto Raptors to cancel their trip to Israel was successful

WATCH: Pitch Perfect Video Shows True Face of Israel

This next video, about a soccer tournament in Israel for Israeli and palestinian school boys, shows a side of Israel you don't normally see from the mainstream media, and certainly not from the haters.

Actor Casey Affleck Wears His Israel Hatred

Actor Casey Affleck, otherwise known as the less successful Affleck brother, has been spotted walking around LA like this

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Harasses Holocaust Survivor

Holocaust survivor Professor Harold Kasimow recently spoke at Benedictine university about his experience during the Holocaust. Here's what happened.

Soccer Legend Ronaldinho in Israel and Haters Launch False Flag Operation

Soccer legend Ronaldinho Gaucho is in Israel and he has let everyone know he is here. Naturally, the haters are not happy

Ilhan Omar’s Latest Op-Ed Reveals Depth of Her Antisemitism

Ilhan Omar has written an op-ed in the Washington Post entitled Sanctions are part of a failed foreign policy playbook. Stop relying on them.

The Laziest BDS-Holes In The World

Thanks to BDS-hole group Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) for providing us with this comedy gold of a boycott campaign

Z-List Actor David Clennon Suggests He is Unfairly Labelled an Antisemite, Before Showing Why...

Remember when actor David Clennon declined an audition for a new Netflix series because he didn’t want to work with two Israeli producers previously involved with Fauda? probably not, given your likely response was "Who the firetruck is David Clennon?"


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