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Antisemitic “Comedian” Owen Benjamin Banned From Instagram and Facebook

Owen Benjamin, the vile, Jew-hating "comedian" I have exposed on here a number of times, has finally been banned from Instagram and Facebook

Success! Prager University Removes Their Owen Benjamin Videos From Facebook

Following my post about their Digital Marketing Coordinator Tyler Goldstein having a pally conversation with antisemitic "comedian" Owen Benjamin, Prager University has removed their videos featuring Benjamin from Facebook.

Antisemite Owen Benjamin “Hides” Video With Prager U’s Tyler Goldstein

I have still not heard a response from Dennis Prager or anyone from Prager University, but I did notice that Benjamin has quietly changed the video from "Public" to "Unlisted."

Prager U’s Tyler Goldstein Legitimizes Antisemite Owen Benjamin

As Jew-hating "comedian" Owen Benjamin continues to spread his hatred of the Jewish people unabated on Instagram and YouTube, a Jewish guest by the name of Tyler Goldstein has inexplicably agreed to appear on Benjamin's latest video.

“Comedian” Owen Benjamin Continues His Unhinged Obsession With Jews

Less than a week after I posted about Owen Benjamin's video mocking the Holocaust, the"comedian" has well and truly shown he is a rabid Jew hater.

“Comedian” Owen Benjamin Objects to My Post Calling Out His Antisemitism…With More Antisemitism

"Comedian" Owen Benjamin has responded to yesterday's post objecting to his Holocaust mockery with an Instagram post.

“Comedian” Owen Benjamin Mocks Holocaust Victims

Owen Benjamin, failed comedian and ex of actress Christina Ricci, is a virulent antisemite.


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