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WATCH: They Love Child Murdering Women Terrorists

The terrorist woman she’s talking about is probably one of most admired women in Palestinian society today

WATCH: “He Was Kind And Calm” While He Murdered

Praise of terror is endemic, systemic and willingly covered up and helped by complicit, lethal, main stream media.

Billions For Palestinian Authority Goes To Terrorists

The precise money trail from EU, UK and other foreign donors to the hands of convicted murdering terrorists.

Palestine International Woman’s Day Role Model

Role model for Palestinian women: applicants need to have killed at least 30 Jews.

PMW Wiped Off YouTube Again (Updated)

Years of work by Palestine Media Watch PMW just wiped off the web by YouTube.

YouTube Bans Educational Video As Hate Speech

"By God, a Muslim's fingernail is worth more to us than the heads of a thousand Jews."

Peace Partner Sends Honor And Greetings…To Terrorists

This is the kind of incitement encouraging the murderous acts

PA Propaganda As An Art Form

The PA's new art exhibit, along with our own suggestions

Hamas Camp Shenanigans

See if you can spot the cameo by the long-deceased Farfur

PA Compares Palestinian Children To Sh*t

You be the judge.

Fatah Official Slams Fayyad, Seeks Israel’s Destruction

Fatah’s Najat Abu Bakr has slammed Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. She also has a problem with Israel's existence.

I’ve Got Mr Sa Tan On The Line, He Wants To Order A Space...

It sounds like hell is starting to freeze over, they're looking for a good supply of heaters and oil. In other news the UK FCO notices that Islamic religious texts aren't nice about Jews.

Completely Honest Deception

Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch speaking to Glenn Beck for 30 minutes. Important Stuff.
monkey matza

PA Monkey Business

More endearing words from our peace partners.
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