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Reader Post: Home of the Blave

Hi there. I’m Laurence Simon.

Long-retired blogger, and mostly retired pundit. I used to be a part of Shire Network News, IMAO, and a few other sites in the early days of this medium.

I still podcast a few stories now and then for fun, and I enjoy listening to current-events and storytelling podcasts.

Enough about me. Let me tell you about Scott Carrier.

Scott Carrier is an award-winning radio producer. He’s been featured on many NPR shows, and now produces a podcast called “Home of the Brave”, which features stories old and new.

I’ve found his stories on Salt Lake City, the life of an itinerant radio producer, refugees trying to get into Europe, and other topics fascinating. His calm and soft-spoken delivery are easy listening.

So, why am I talking about him here?

His most recent episode is titled “My Trip To Palestine” and it begins with the following:

The problem is, we can’t talk about it, the problem.
We’re not even sure which words can be used, and which cannot be used.

Palestine, for instance.
Is there a country called Palestine? Even asking the question prompts suspicion.
Because the answer is no, not anymore.

It only takes 30 seconds for Scott Carrier to slip that lie in.
Not anymore, Scott?
Since when was there a country called Palestine?
The answer is not “No, not anymore.”
The answer is “No, not ever.”

001_Shany_Mor_Palestinian_Propoganda_MapBut the truth is, Scott peddles a lie from the moment you see the show notes on his website.

Yep, he’s got that “Palestinian Loss Of Land 1946-2010” map up there.

Which has been debunked thoroughly across the blogosphere (do we still say blogosphere?):

So, yes, Scott, we can talk about the problem.
The problem is that you’re not talking about the real problem.
Let’s deal with history. Let’s deal with facts.
Because those who don’t are not dealing with the problem.
They’re just making it worse.

Listen to the rest of the show, because on the bright side, it shows that the Israeli Ministry of foreign Affairs is doing its job in making people think twice about causing problems.

I titled this post “Home of the Blave” as a cheap pun, based off of “The Princess Bride’s” definition of blave: to bluff. Which is what I think of Carrier’s “trip” and his reporting. Instead of actually going through with the experience, he doesn’t go through with it and makes a list of accusations. Oh, and then ends the show with some mouth-harp.

(Mouth-harp, not Jew’s harp. The etymology is correct on that. I’ll let Scott have that one, okay?)

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