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Yet Another Poll: What Do Palestinian Arabs Think Now?

A two-state solution to the Palestinian Arab versus Israel conflict has the support of just 49% of Palestinian Arabs.

Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics

Sloppy, lazy poll breeds sloppy, lazy journalism

Is Anyone Interested In The Drive To Jerusalem?

Just asking a question.

Best of 2009: Top 10 Separated at Births

The votes are in.... #10 (0 votes):  Michael Jackson’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnie Klein, and Roseanne’s ex-husband/actor Tom Arnold (first posted July 8th) #9 (3 votes): Singer...

Best of 2009: Top 10 Separated at Births (Poll)

With the end of the year fast approaching (alright, we still have 3 weeks but who's counting), I think now - before the holiday...

The Day In Israel: Mon Oct 26th, 2009

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have decided to appoint a small team to review Israel's course of action on...

Best of 2008: Top 10 Separated at Births (Poll)

I interrupt the liveblogging to bring to you something you have undoubtedly been waiting for all year. Here are the top Separated at Births of...

Best of 2008: Weird Terrorists and Their Enablers

Check out this gallery of oddball terrorists


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