The votes are in….

#10 (0 votes)Michael Jackson’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnie Klein, and Roseanne’s ex-husband/actor Tom Arnold (first posted July 8th)

#9 (3 votes): Singer Ronan Tynan and comedian Matt Lucas (first posted October 18th)

#8 (5 votes): Some palestinian policeman and Frank Costanza (first posted March 17th)

#7 (7 votes): Some Fatah terrorist and actor John Amos (first posted November 19th)

#6 (8 votes): Mel Gibson’s baby momma Oksana Grigorieva and Octomum (first posted April 29th)


#5 (9 votes): Some Syrian soap superstar and Australian Hollywood actor Geoffrey Rush (first posted November 23rd)

#4 (12 votes): Reformist Iranian presidential candidate, Mahdi Karroubi, and a bat (first posted May 25th)


#3 (15 votes): Music Producer/convicted murder Phil Spector, and Star Wars villain Greedo (first posted April 14th)


#2 (25 votes): Abdel Latif Moussa and something out of Planet of the Apes (first posted August 16th)

Drum roll, please..

#1 (45 votes): Crazed Free Gaza tool Cynthia McKinney and crazed cartoon character Sideshow Bob (first posted July 1st)

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