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WATCH: Sderot Resident Gives Reporting Crew The Jewish Mother Treatment

An elderly resident of the beleaguered town of Sderot looks after a television crew

Palestinian Information Center Finally Condemns Tire Burning

In the wake of the latest misguided "ceasefire agreement" between the terrorist factions in Gaza and Israel, the Palestinian Information Center have posted this unadulterated crap

Google Maps’ WTF Israel Scene

I am scratching my head over this one

A Photo You Likely Won’t See In the Mainstream Media

This photo does not fit the narrative the mainstream media is pushing...but it needs to be seen

Escape From Sderot: The Game

You have 15 seconds to complete each level.

Sderot Cinema and The Power Of Wording

Terrible terrible residents of Sderot.

First Day Of School!

Will they be carrying gas masks next?

Clearing Something Up About The IDF Spokesperson’s Role

Keep Calm and Carry On: that's what Israelis must do everyday under missile attack.

Pics Or It Didn’t Happen (aka ‘Schrödinger’s Rockets’)

In the face of continued onslaught of rocket & mortar fire from Gaza, the IDF will eventually retaliate in full force. And most of the world will believe the lie that the counterattack is unprovoked.

Shhhh Don’t Tell Anyone

But a new star is born!

Apartheid Music Video of the Day

Yet more evidence of rampant racism and apartheid in the Jewish state.
bieber kippah

Bibi vs Bieber

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly cancelled his meeting with teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, over the latter's refusal to meet with children living in communities under rocket attack.
kobi oz

The Wonderful Letter of Oz

Israeli musician Kobi Oz has a message for Roger Waters.
bomb shelter

This Idea’s Da Bomb

Art imitating terror.


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