Giving A Whole New Meaning To The Art Of Camouflage

Every time there’s a Hamas show of force, something remarkably silly is bound to happen.

Their latest show, celebrating the (part time) reopening of Rafah crossing, after the Egyptian crack-down on terrorists oozing from Gaza, is no different.

I give you: How not to camouflage your tricked up pick-up trucks:



Yes, that is Gouache paint.

Yes, those are shiny, new, chrome trimmed, very non-inconspicuous pick-ups.

It truly is a miracle our enemies aren’t as smart as us.

5 thoughts on “Giving A Whole New Meaning To The Art Of Camouflage”

  1. I never understood why the Israeli Air Force never systematically destroyed all the vehicles (particularly trucks)in Gaza. a terror army that is not motorized cannot inflict nearly enough damage on its opponents.

  2. MohammedTheTeddy-Bear

    So, uhmmm, where are these trucks you’re talkin’ about?

    All I saw was a bunch of guys in military unis with ski-masks standin’ ’bout, some in mid-air…….

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