New York Times. Still Lying.


Since I last updated about the Tesla vs New York Times argument a couple of things have happened. No time for a long post so here are the highlights. John Broder has hit back against Elon’s blog post with one of his own. In his post, That Tesla Data: What It Says and What It Doesn’t, he tries to answer most of the problems raised by Tesla’s raw data from the car he drove.

I’ll just highlight one problem. Tesla’s data shows him arriving with a critically flat battery at a Supercharger location (miles remaining displayed as 0 on the dashboard) and then driving around an empty car park for some time. John Broder answers thusly:

I was in fact driving around the Milford service plaza on Interstate 95, in the dark, trying to find the unlighted and poorly marked Tesla Supercharger.

Both CNN and a group of dedicated Tesla owners have now replicated his trip, complete with similar charging stops and all have managed to succeed (quite easily) where Broder failed. On this specific point: hard to find charging posts, someone took a video. Judge for yourself if the big white obelisk like Superchargers are so hard to find.

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