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The Independent Encourages Readers to Donate to Organization with Links to Terrorism

In a piece published in the Independent entitled Gaza is already on its knees – if coronavirus spreads, the fallout will be catastrophic, Muneeb Abu-Ghazaleh, the Islamic Relief Country director for Gaza, tries to solicit donations

Mainstream Media Outlets Imply Israeli Airstrike in Syria Hurt Children

A number of MSM outlets chose to accompany their reports of the Israeli airstrike in Syria with images of some young victims of Assad's suspected poison gas attack on Douma

The Independent Waters Down The Truth (Updated)

More media bias from The Independent

The Failing Independent Takes A Shot At Israellycool And Me

My goal is not to convert Israel haters to Israel lovers. I’m pointing out just how hopelessly far gone to Israel hatred the UK is.

It All Started When Israel Fired Back

There were only going to be two circumstances that would cause the foreign press to give this story a passing mention.

Adventures In Photo Captioning: UK Independent (Updated)

This is not the fascist, white supremacist you’re looking for. #fail

The Day In Israel: Thurs Oct 22nd, 2009

US ambassador to the United Nations, Ambassador Susan Rice, told Israelis at Shimon Peres' "Facing Tomorrow" conference that it is not enough just to...

More Sloppy Reporting From The Independent About Israel

First Night: Sir Paul McCartney, Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv - Reviews, Music - The Independent But by the time he got to "Here Comes The...


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