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Staggering Poll Results Show Extent of Antisemitism Within UK Labour Party

In case you think the antisemitism of the UK Labour Party is just a problem with a lunatic fringe within the party, think again

Play George Galloway/Ken Livingstone Bingo!

With the upcoming Liverpool stage show of George Galloway and Red Ken Livingstone, what kind of drinking game will we play?

Why Was The UK’s Labour Party Shadow Foreign Minister Even At Abbas’s Jew-Hating Speech?

The UK Labour Party, if elected, will try to destroy Jewish Israel. They’ll fail. But they might destroy the UK in the process.

WATCH: British Labour MP John Mann’s Powerful Speech at Antisemitism Debate

Today in the British House of Commons, there was a passionate debate about antisemitism. One of the speakers was Labour MP John Mann, who gave this powerful speech.

How UK Labour Party Secretary Marianne Tellier Decided to Respond to Antisemitism Allegations

With all the vile antisemitism in the UK Labour party coming to light over the past months, Marianne Teller, the Labour Party secretary in Park and Arbourthorne, has somehow seen it fit to not only tweet this days ago, but retweet it today

No Israeli Flags For Jew!

British Jews: wake up. The Labour Party is now a radical far-left party which has adopted the Palestinian “narrative” completely.
Gratrex and Corbyn

Hugging Antisemitism at the Labour Party Conference

A real antisemitic Labour love-fest


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