Why Was The UK’s Labour Party Shadow Foreign Minister Even At Abbas’s Jew-Hating Speech?


Emily Thornberry and Jeremy Corbyn are again confirming that the UK’s Labour party will make it the official position of the UK to recognize a “Palestinian State” if they ever achieve power. And they’ll ignore all the Jew hatred they hear from Palestinians and within their own UK Labour Party to do it.

UK Political blog Guido Fawkes is reporting that senior Labour politician Emily Thornberry was officially representing Corbyn’s Labour Party at the Palestinian National Council (PNC) meeting in Ramallah. That’s the one where Abbas gave another one of his Jew hating speeches (notable only, this time, because it seems some in the press noticed and reported it).

Shortly after the event Emily Thornberry put out a statement:

“While we of course want to see the resumption of meaningful peace talks, I said President Abbas had been quite right to argue that the Trump administration cannot act as a mediator for peace when they themselves are sowing the seeds of discord, and making a negotiated peace ever harder to achieve…”

No mention of the now widely reported comments about Jews running the world. So she had to scramble to put out another one.

“It is deeply regrettable that, during a lengthy speech whose main and successful purpose was to urge the Palestinian National Council to remain committed to the Middle East peace process and the objective of a two-state solution, President Abbas made these anti-Semitic remarks about the history of the Jewish community in Europe which were not just grossly offensive, but utterly ignorant. His comments were out of keeping with the tone of the Council as a whole, and of my discussions with other delegates, and I hope President Abbas will immediately apologise for them, so that the message to come out of this important Council meeting can remain positive and progressive, and focused on re-establishing peaceful and constructive dialogue.”

As Guido writes:

Labour sources are concerned that the Shadow Foreign Secretary did not initially distance herself from the remarks or condemn them. It has been confirmed that she was in the room during the remarks, alongside 80 other international observers. It was a mad three hour speech so perhaps she just wasn’t listening.

As usual I’m left wondering: what on earth does this meeting in Ramallah actually have to do with a UK politician and how does it serve her local constituents to be here in Israel attending such an event?

But her whole statement, on Facebook, is a typical example of the Palestinianised thinking in Europe that has led so many to hate Israel and Jews who want to live on our indigenous land. It would appear it includes the picture of Abbas she took herself sitting near the front for his epic speech.

Dear Friends,

I had the privilege these past few days of representing the Labour Party at the conference of the Palestinian National Council in Ramallah, the PNC’s first official meeting in more than two decades, and one that comes at a crucial time.

Have you wondered how “democratic” any organisation can be if they wait 20 years between meetings?

From the Netanyahu government, that includes the expansion of illegal settlements, the crippling blockade against Gaza, the brutal and lethal suppression of protests on the Gaza border, and the unlawful detention and ill-treatment of Palestinian children.

Of course you won’t find anywhere in her statement any acknowledgement of the reality of those killed during the made-to-deceive “protests” on the Gaza border: nearly everyone who died was a terrorist.

And from the Trump administration, it includes the reckless and irresponsible decision to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem, and the cruel cuts in funding for the UN agencies providing healthcare, education and humanitarian relief to Palestinian refugees.

They were never going to divide Jerusalem, now they know it and they’re upset. Boo hoo.

Then follows a bunch of paragraphs saying she bought their stories that it was only “some rogue Palestinian voices” calling for a “return to the hopeless tactics of armed struggle”. Strangely enough, seeing as hardly a week goes by without an attempted attack or the uncovering of a plot, we hadn’t noticed that the “armed struggle” had really stopped.

And it was on the latter point that I provided my hosts with strong reassurance that – if they stuck to the path of peace – they would receive strong support from the British Labour Party, and from a future Labour government, and I made three solemn guarantees of the action we would take as soon as we are in office again.

Which, of course, means absolving Abbas et al of blame for all violence by saying it was just “rogue Palestinian voices”.

And now we come to the real nub of the matter:

First, as we rightly mark this month the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the State of Israel, I said it is also right – and long overdue – for the United Kingdom to formally recognise the State of Palestine, and urge other countries to do the same, not in due course, not when the time is right, but now and without delay.

If you’re in the UK, and an election comes along, if you vote for Labour, you’re voting for this. Be aware, make your choices. You’re voting to recognise the Middle East’s next Islamic State and it’s right in the homeland of Judaism and Christianity, the place where the moral philosophies of the West come from.

Second, I said that as a matter of urgency, a Labour government would host an international funding conference to address the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people, and the millions of Palestinian refugees across the region, in particular to plug the gaps in funding caused by Donald Trump’s cruel and spiteful cuts.

Translation: you, the UK taxpayers, will probably have to cough up much more of you tax cash to pay the salaries of murders in our jails because Trump is too smart to allow the US’s taxpayers (even the ones who voted for Hillary) to continue funding Abbas’s Islamic terror organisation.

And third, I said a Labour government in Britain would immediately review the sale of arms by the United Kingdom to Israel to ensure that none of the weapons sold by our country are being used by the Netanyahu government to attack innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza or anywhere else.

Labour will destroy some jobs in the UK’s arms industry. UK’s Labour Party is much more concerned with Palestinians than UK working people. Don’t worry, I’m sure we can buy anything the UK makes elsewhere or else we’ll just make it ourselves. It would seem the UK buys much more from Israel than Israel buys from the UK.

Then some more blah blah about supporting the fake claims of the Palestinians at the UN and elsewhere until we reach this crowing gem of fake moral equivalence that lies at the heart of supporting the genocidal aims of the Palestinians and their identity and homeland theft.

We cannot have another ten or twenty years of ongoing division, continuing terror attacks, escalating violence, and increasing settlement-building, because if we do, a two-state solution will become not just difficult to negotiate, but impossible to achieve, and future generations of children born in Israel and Palestine will never know a world of peace.

The problem is the juxtaposition of these two statements:

  • continuing terror attacks;
  • increasing settlement-building.

That is the heart of the problem. Blowing up, shooting, stabbing or running down Jews is equivalent to us building homes on empty hills in our indigenous homeland for our thriving, productive and fundamentally good society to grow. She can’t understand why we’re here on our homeland.

Emily Thornberry represents Jeremy Corbyn and the UK Labour Party. They will attempt to destroy Israel (they’ll fail) but if you let them, they will destroy the UK. If you in the UK don’t have a rediscovery of what is best for Britain, these people will instead do what is best for a deceptive, sneaky people here in my country.

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