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At a time when divisiveness in this country is at an all time high, perhaps we should all take a breath, and reflect about what we truly want, and who we really are, at our core.

WATCH: National Guard Soldier Heaps Praise on the Jewish Community

May G-d protect the National Guard!

The Elephant in the Room

A guest post on Black antisemitism in the US

Israel Remembers 9-11

The US anthem played at Israel's annual 9/11 ceremony

An Open Letter to America

An open letter - save America now. Choose life, choose unity.

Mainstream Media’s Selective Outrage Over Antisemitism In US

Why is mainstream media phoning in stories of certain kind of Jew hatred, where they haven’t paid attention before?

Reader Post: Boring Holes in the Hull

Stop the hatred now, before it’s too late

An Open Letter To John Kasich

Paula now takes on John Kasich

Ambassador Ron Dermer Strikes Back

"In response to this effort to cast a beacon of freedom, tolerance and decency as a pariah state…"

WATCH: Zionist Public Charter School Of Doom™

This is quite simply remarkable

Reader Post: If the Real World Was Girl World

The world is a high school cafeteria

V15 Are Using More Foreign Stock Photos

I’m not lost enough to look for my Israeli voting slip in southern England.
Israeli flags

Who Do You Think Wrote This About Netanyahu’s Speech To Congress?

"Obama is the godfather of the prefabricated revolutions, and since he is the ally of political Islam, which is the caring mother of all the terrorist organizations ..."
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