At a time when divisiveness in this country is at an all time high, perhaps we should all take a breath, and reflect about what we truly want, and who we really are, at our core.


You say I’m a democrat and haven’t a clue,
How our country is run and what’s best for you.
The things I hold dear, they’re foolish you think,
And my choices will bring us all to the brink.
I’ll tell you dear friend, you’re wrong to the core,
‘cause I have a heart, I know we can do more,
To help the downtrodden, the poor and the young,
To fix all the bad to which we have clung.
Look deep in your soul, dear friend of mine,
Uncover the truth, and search the Divine.
Now I’m with that group, the best, GOP,
You think that I’m selfish, care only for me.
Big business is what you think I’m about,
Care only of people who come with great clout.
I’ll tell you dear friend, you’re wrong to the core,
‘cause I have a brain, and will open the door,
For those who work hard and just do their best,
They’ll reap the rewards and become oh so blessed,
So come on along, in the land of the free,
We’ll make a great home here, as fair as can be.
When will this fighting and back and forth end,
You say that we’re wrong and we can’t all be friends.
Then you say that you’re right, and there’s no in between,
Our leader is awful he’s just so damn mean!
Have either of you looked into the eyes
Of the very real thing you think you despise?
Cause if you look deep I think you will find,
Something that really will just blow your mind.
The “other” you see is yourself you’re just blind,
So seek out your soul, don’t be cruel, just be kind.
© 2020 Deborah Peretz

Guest Poster


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