The Top 5 Things You Don’t Want to Say When You Are About to Go To Prison


..but were all actually said by resident anti-Semite Brendon “Brendover” O’Connell, who is close to spending quite a bit of time in a place where sleeping in an upright position, with his back to the wall, is the comfortable alternative.

prison soap5. “..did it ever cross your mind that I have made a complete dick out of you”

4. “..I am gonna rub your beaks in shit from here to kingdom come..”

3. “The humiliation I heap on you backward, racist pig supremacist ninnies will be total.”

2. “..we just plug up the gaps..”

1. “Battering your racist pig backsides has never been easier.”

And neither has been making fun of this walking advertisement for contraception.

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