Goldstone Stuttering and Stammering

Richard Goldstone was recently invited to speak at Yale University. Apparently, he did not say much.  But judging by this video of a protest against him and his report, he took twice as long to say it.

Bonus Goldstone dummy spit at 2:17.

(hat tip: Noah)

Meanwhile, on Friday the Israeli government submitted to UN chief Ban Ki-moon a written response to the Goldstone Report, which it says “is not intended as a comprehensive rebuttal of the Human Rights Council Fact-Finding Report or a catalogue of the Report’s flaws. The Paper does, however, note some of the Report’s inaccuracies and misrepresentations of Israel’s investigative system.” You can view in its entirety here.

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  • Shy Guy

    Are you sure that rabbi's not Marv from "Home Alone"?

    [youtube sY2s6zT1zRE youtube]

    • juvanya


  • Stan

    The SOB really seamed flustered. Perhaps deep down he actually has a conscience.


  • rlandes

    shame not guilt motivates his flusterdom. he stutters every time he lies, but i think it's because he's afraid he'll get found out.

  • samuel

    So who,s been coaching the honorable Judge asa he seems to have run out of steam,excuse the pun ?

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