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It’s Official. The United Nations Hates Women.

UN is a giant bowl of wrong.

Reader Post: If the Real World Was Girl World

The world is a high school cafeteria

VIDEO: McCain Tells Obama To Get Over It

Always fun to watch the MSM get confronted with facts.

Reader Post : Israel and the Gaza Strip – Why Economic Sanctions Are Not...

The economic measures that Israel uses against the Hamas proto-government in Gaza fall under legitimate uses of economic sanctions

I Condemn Saudi Arabia For Their Crimes Against Satire

It’s hard enough in a world co-habited by IS to come up with funny. And then the Saudis do this? I give up.

Mali Speaks To The UN: You Can Too

"And no individual should be so subjected to terror that it results in their giving up on the human race altogether."

Reuters, WaPo Fail In Reporting Abbas’s UN Security Council Push

Either these reporters did not actually read the draft resolution, or they are simply oblivious to its meaning

Will Obama And Kerry Come Through For Israel At UN Security Council?

As Palestinians push ahead, the State Department continues to waffle.
imag e3Ban Ki moon in Israel

Ban Ki Moon Back in Jerusalem

Ban Ki Moon occupies Jerusalem - sukkah

OIC Members Balk When UNHRC Actually Does Something (Sort Of) Constructive

OIC members' opposition to LGBT rights resolution is part of a broader pattern at the UN

UN Rep Admits Hamas Fires Rockets By UNRWA Facilities

What is the purpose of the UN if they allow this?

Deaths In Beit Hanoun: Hamas Crime And UNRWA Cover-Up?

Hamas and their accomplices?


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