How To Deal With Moonbat Protests

Via Rotter comes photo evidence of a brilliantly executed plan by what seems to be English (and Russian) speaking new immigrants to Israel who infiltrated a far Left demonstration Saturday night. Apparently, no-one bothered to read what was written on the signs they were holding, so they marched for about an hour until they were tossed out (hat tip: Noah).

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Update: Geralt writes in the comments:


I was one of the organizers and participators of this infiltration.
Couple of clarifications: We are all Russian-speaking and not-so-new immigrants (15-20 years in Israel).
Here’s a good explanation of the whole event in our words:

And here is the full photo album:

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  • jpl

    I especially like the sign: "Don't Mess with the Zohan." Where is the Zohan, btw, we could use him.

  • Jason – Atlanta, GA

    In the first and second picture, what do the guys shirts say? I can only make out the words Idiot.

  • lemzia

    the first T-shirt says "I am surrounded by Idiots"

  • Batya

    Love it!

  • walt kovacs

    helen thomas has retired

    • Shy Guy

      Steel belted or – I assume – inner tube?

  • Shy Guy

    See I did this a few years ago at a Woman-in-Black protest. Yuk! I still feel filthy.

    UPDATE: Just discovered that one of ProtestWarrior's founders is an Israeli. Heh!

    • Michael Zvi Krumbein

      I can't get the link to work. At the risk of reliving it, care to share what happened at the WIB?

      • Shy Guy

        I copied this sign:

        Except for ending
        slavery, fascism, Nazism
        and Communism,
        WAR HAS

        I dressed up in jeans, sloppy t-shirt, sunglasses, sideways sun-cap and barefoot sandals. I looked just like one of them – except for the true blue women dressed in black from head to toe.

        I walked in, stood at the front line. It took a few minutes for one of the "bright" ones to figure out the sign was not conveying the anti-war message they intended.

        The police were called in and they forced me to move to the opposite street corner, where I got first rights to all the incoming buses. A lot of bus passengers opened their windows to tell me off. But when I asked them to slowly read the sign again, they gave off these big grins and a thumbs up. It turned out to be a real crowd pleaser.

    • juvanya

      Theyre alse known for this image:
      <img src=""&gt;

  • pofigist

    The "Peace Да" (on penultimate picture) slogan (direct translation is Peace – Yes, but pronounced as 'Pees Da' means 'Cunt' in English :)

    • juvanya

      hahahaha thats brilliant

      • pofigist

        I don't even want to mention what the word 'blah' means in Russian :)

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  • @NoWoman13

    While I agree with not just the sentiment of the counter protest, but most of the posters being shown as well, I have to say that the filth on some of them undermines the dignity of the truth being presented.

    • Norman B.

      When some critics chided President Truman for using raw language, he replied, "I'm not being vulgar, I'm just emphasizing my points."

  • Michael Zvi Krumbein

    At the tea parties they have a counter. If someone has a sign with obvious nonsense or racist sentiments, a guy goes next to him with a sign labeled "infiltrator" or similar sentiments, and an arrow pointing to him.

  • juvanya

    How can you not love the Russians.

  • abunafha

    this is beyond brilliant! don't mess with the zohansky! :D

  • Lady-Light

    THIS. IS. GREAT!!!!! I am going to link to it (with your kind permission, of course).

  • Blazingcatfur

    Good one;)

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  • Bubbe
  • Fenway_Naiton

    BWA HA HA!

    Was the ‘We’ll Make The World Abandon Reason’ one lifted staright from the Captain Stabbing video?

  • Geralt

    I was one of the organizers and participators of this infiltration.
    Couple of clarifications: We are all Russian-speaking and not-so-new immigrants (15-20 years in Israel).
    Here's a good explanation of the whole event in our words:

    And here is the full photo album:


    • israellycool

      You rock, Geralt! Please let me know before the next infiltration so I can join in

    • Michael Zvi Krumbein

      Yes, I thought the report was engaging in a bit of stereotyping. The big Russian immigration was kind some time ago.

      • Michael Zvi Krumbein

        Just to clarify, I am not referrign to Dave's report, but an Israeli one which said "apparently new immigrants". There are places like that in the U.S., too – you can live there your whole life, but you're still a newcomer.

        (When I first came to Baltimore, so many people were coming in from New York that you were an "old-timer" after six months. But then I stayed long enough for a new generation to be raised there, so eventually I became a newcomer again.)

    • Jim from Iowa

      OK you guys are smart, funny, wonderfully subservise and just plain wrong. Why do you need to infiltrate a group with whom you disagree to express your political views? I think political debate here in America and I suspect in Israel is uncivil. How is what your group is doing any different from that of the far Left Code Pink and their provocative street theater? Look at Max Blumenthal's website where he shows some pretty ugly counter demonstrations in Los Angeles and tell me that this his just part of a healthy debate. I bet you can do things a whole lot more creatively than what you're doing and be a whole lot more effective at making your political points. But then, what do I know? I'm a 58 year old fuddy duddy who hasn't marched in anything that you could call remotely political.

    • Albet

      Brilliant! Well done, Geralt.

  • Jill

    This is great! Well done!

  • juvanya

    They should have a sign:
    So we can get Qassams in Tel Aviv"

  • Kimo Al Quds

    You guys rock for what you did. COngrats. More people need to do that with these looney idiotic leftists

  • pacific

    I agree totally with Kimo, you guys ROCK!

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