Virgin Megastores In Middle East Get Mein Kampfy

At the Virgin Megastore in Qatar, prospective book buyers are helped along with some recommendations – including an old “classic.” (hat tip: EoZ)

Yes, that’s Hitler Mein Kampf being advertised to Virgin’s Arabic customers. And in case you think the photo (source here) is photoshopped, here is a Bahraini blogger speaking of the same phenomenom in the Virgin Megastore in Bahrain.

Now apparently I’m really late to the party, because this issue was brought to Richard Branson’s attention at least as early as April. And while I am not sure when the above photo was taken, I have not seen any evidence of Branson acknowledging the issue nor acting on it, certainly not on his blog.

If you want to add to the chorus of voices asking Branson to do something about it (or at least let us know if something has already been done), here are a few places to start:

Richard Branson Twitter page

Virgin Megastore Middle East Twitter page

Virgin Megastore Facebook page

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29 December 2011 at 12:12pm
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  • Ken

    The Nazi type antisemitism in Arab countries is shocking and needs to be exposed.

    • ziontruth

      So what if it gets exposed? The Muslims’ friends and allies in anti-Zionism would tisk tisk a little and say, “Sure it’s not a good thing, but the Jews, uh, I mean Zionists need to realize they made it possible by their actions.” Quod recently erat by Howard Gutman demonstrandum.

  • z303

    Don’t they ususally sell it with the Protocols and Henry Ford’s (indirect) “The International Jew”? (This is not sarcasm.)

  • joseph

    Branson doesn’t own or control these stores anymore. He lost them decades ago in a bankruptcy.

  • walt kovacs

    amazon also sells mein kamph

    dont worry…pretty soon virgin will be totally out of biz…just like borders

    • z303

      They don’t recommned it, except where the algorihm odes it automatically, and they’ve got trouble over that.

  • pattyjean moore

    Does it not occur to modern-day Arab fans of Hitler that he lost, big time? The ‘thousand year Reich’ ended after 12 years, and in utter defeat.

    As will any new attempt at a Caliphate, if they ever get united enough to form one – which I doubt.

  • Harvey

    Whether that part of the Virgin empire went bankrupt or not is irrelevant . The new business is still selling antisemitic material under a Virgin banner . This would be extremely damaging to the Virgin Corporate Brand . It’s worth contacting Virgin to let them know what’s happening

  • Barry

    The book has been removed. It happened “within a day”, apparently.

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