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Palestinians Recall Ambassador to Bahrain Following Normalization of Ties With Israel

Another normalization deal, another stage of Palestinian Operation: Cut Off Our Nose to Spite Our Face.

Palestinians Heart Bahraini Society’s “Cleaning Of Zionist Filth”

The party of our palestinian "peace partner" and others once again show their true colors

WATCH: Saudi Interviewed by Israeli Journalist in Bahrain. In Hebrew

Loay Alshareef, a Saudi activist, and founder of the Loay Academy for languages in Bahrain, has been interviewed by Gili Cohen of Israel's Kan News.

‘Peak Palestinian’ Reaction to Bahrain “Peace to Prosperity” Workshop

This reaction to the Bahrain "Peace to Prosperity" workshop to discuss Trump's "Deal of the Century" is peak palestinian

It’s a (Brave) New World: Arab States Aligning More With Israel

Iran has taken over as the big, bad boogeyman, and Arab states have started looking to Israel more as a solution than a problem.

Hamas Proves Again They Are Raving Antisemites

Unbridled Jew hatred

Virgin Megastores In Middle East Get Mein Kampfy

At the Virgin Megastore in Qatar and Bahrain, prospective book buyers are helped along with some recommendations - including an old "classic."
Amish wall

The Day In Israel: Mon Nov 29th, 2010

Despite the concern in Israeli circles before the release of the secret embassy cables on Wikileaks yesterday, one of the big positives to come out of it has been confirmation that Arab states - and not only Israel - have been urging for an attack on Iran.
obama cowboy

The Day In Israel: Wednesday April 7th, 2010

On the same day that the guy who spied on him received a prison term, it was announced that IDF Chief of General Staff...

Bahrain Freaks Over Gulf Air Website Mentioning Israel

The Arab world's irrational hate often rises to absurd levels. MPs are threatening to take action unless Israel's name is removed from Gulf Air's website...


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