Guess Who’s Running For Congress?

The man who would be ka-ching.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has sent a letter declaring his intent to run for Congress in New Jersey’s newly formed 9th District.

Boteach sent the letter of intent to the offices of the Bergen County Republican Organization by the Jan. 31 deadline but has not decided definitively to run, the New Jersey Jewish Standard reported.

He would face the winner of the Democratic primary between US Reps. Steve Rothman and Bill Pascrell. Two other potential Republican candidates also have submitted letters of intent, according to the PolitickerNJ website.

Boteach told the Jewish Standard that one of the factors that will go into his decision of whether to run will be how much money he can raise for the race. He said he will make up his mind in the next two months.

He told the newspaper that he wants to “bring Jewish values into the political discourse.”

Wasn’t he supposed to supposed to be the next Chief Rabbi of England or something?

In the meantime, his mention of bringing values into the political discourse has inspired me to make a contribution.

 Yeah, I’m not a fan.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Shmuley will run for Congress when Trump actually runs for President. Media whores need the attention not the headaches of governing.

  • juvanya

    Apparently he is somewhat Messianic. Its a solid Democratic district, so he has no chance, but oh well….

    • Shy Guy

      Who knows! He most probably will get as far as riding into town on his white ass.

  • Morris the Katz

    Ka-Ching! Heh.

    I had the opportunity of seeing Shmuley up close and personal back in March, 2008, when he had a “debate” with Michael Steinhardt, of Birthright notoriety and a self-proclaimed atheist over whether there is or is not a God.

    Boteach argued that dinosaurs lived less than 5772 years ago, which means that Fred Flintstone actually pre-dated them, what you see on TV to the contrary.

    Steinhardt “proved” God doesn’t exist by claiming if there were a god, there wouldn’t have been a Holocaust, thus “proving” God didn’t exist.

    After the debate, Steinhardt, who knows me, put his arm around my shoulder and said, “Morris, God doesn’t exist. Capice?”

    I replied, “You of all people should know better. There certainly is a god, and SHE’S been very good to you.”

    • juvanya

      Read Dr Schroeders books. He says dinosaurs were from long before 5700 years ago and Genesis 1 is misinterpreted.

  • soloman4israel

    this man is a joke,as far as being cheif rabbi for the united kingdoms jewish population i cant write here what a lot of our people think and have said.
    but it would be easier to convey that america would be the best place for him.
    as far as even having a chance as c/rabbi in the uk,he wasn’t asked or even in any serious running order/position,when this first was mentioned. in conversation some time ago a lot of jews said they would rather change faith than have him and it wasn’t to much wine talking.
    my jewish friend down stairs who along with my american best friend here.have both just said that he would have to call on some of the famous stars he is assoated with to help him out should he become c/rabbi and get into congress.
    may be he could get himself a machine to transport him bach and forth,or perhaps ask scotty to beam him around from place to place.
    the american rabbi friend to the stars as he likes to be known.
    should infact enter the crank of the year awards he would win hands down.
    problem is his visit and any further visits to israel would do more harm than good not just in the present climate,but would i feel be a bad thing for the youth of our country.
    he has/is causing various problems and loves the camera/attention for all the wrong reasons,he is a self promoter,for self gain not for the jewish people who he is meant to represent,and would/is doing more harm than good.
    america have him, the uk jewish population dont rearly want him,and we dont need him either.
    perhaps the muslims would be crazy enough to take him.

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