Iranian “Mossad Spy”: Death By Photoshop


A few days ago, Iran hanged a “Mossad spy.”

Iranian TV showed the alleged spy’s Israeli passport.

But as Harry’s Place demonstrates, it is the latest in a tradition of really bad Iranian Photoshops.

The passport Iranian television is claiming belonged to the alleged “Israeli spy” (see Gene’s story below) is a crude forgery copied directly from a facsimile of an Israeli passport on Wikipedia. Such was the ineptitude that the word “forgery” is in fact too generous – they made no effort to even change the details. The only difference is the new photo inexpertly pasted over the original (without even paying attention to the stamps). Details blacked out in the Wikipedia image are simply erased while visible details are left exactly as is.

Pretty bad Photoshop job once again. But I guess it could have been worse.

Update: Welcome my Iranian visitors!

Update: Even the Arab media now smells a rat.

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