Stadiums of Hate

With the 2012 Euros under way, here is a disturbing documentary on the blatant racism and antisemitism of Polish and Ukrainian soccer hooligans.

BBC Panorama – Stadiums of Hate – Euro 2012 von WWExChamp

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  • Travis

    Annoying advertisements continually interrupting the documentary. Jerkoffs!

  • tom

    just use this link and download helper plug-in for firefox:
    Video Direct Link

    DownloadHelper Firefox Plug-In

  • walt kovacs

    this is not surprising

    and their are hooligans in israel who make hateful comments about players of color

    football fans are the worst

    ban the sport

    i wanna see millions riot in the streets

  • Inessa

    I liked the bit where that minister in Ukraine was saying ” no no, that wasn’t a Hitler salute, they were pointing at the players, yes that’s it… They were pointing”. He finished the same politicians spin and bs course as Abbas

    • tom

      It was actually some high police officer…
      After watching this, I can’t believe that they are hosting the Euro.
      Black players already reported that fans made “monkey” sounds.

      • Inessa

        Qatar won the world cup – this should give you some idea how fairly and reasonably these football organizations are run.