Another Mensch: CTV’s Brian Williams

NBC’s sports commentator Bob Costas is not the only mensch around. CTV Olympic host Brian Williams also slammed the IOC for refusal to have a minute’s silence during the Olympics opening ceremony.

Brian Williams – talks about Israeli Munich 11 at London Olympic opening ceremonies from UJA Federation on Vimeo.


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  • David Rose

    Disappointingly Brian Williams took a lot of heat from viewers for his remarks.

  • Jeffrey Nakar

    The Olympics do contain a memorial to the victims of the Munich massacre. Every time someone goes through a security scanner, they are suffering the legacy of the decision taken by the IOC forty years ago to ignore terrorism and ensure that nothing would be allowed to stop the Olympic money making machine, not even the murder of an entire national team. Nothing has changed. I am writing from London. It doesn’t matter who is inconvenienced, or how much it costs other people, the only thing that matters is that the IOC makes money. It is obscene. Perhaps the reason the IOC will not allow a memorial is because they are ashamed to let people know that they are responsible for all the security and surveillance and cost that people now suffer because of their greed and lack of moral compass.

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