Silverstein Hoodwinks The Media Again

Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein has published “Bibi’s secret war plan” against Iran, which he claims to have received from a high-level Israeli source who received it from an IDF officer.

Silverstein goes into detail regarding the supposed plan, albeit with the assistance of a translator who makes up for his lack of knowledge in Hebrew.

Reading his post, it is clear Silverstein’s main purpose is to undermine Israel’s security, although satisfying his lust for the limelight is also a clear motivation.

After much effort to try and bring his so-called scoop to the attention of all and sundry (judging by his Twitter feed)..

..Silverstein’s post does attract the attention of some media outlets, including the BBC, Ynet, and Maariv.

There’s just one problem. The so-called attack plan was posted on an online forum days before Silverstein’s so-called scoop! And the forum post states explicitly that the info presented is based only on foreign and open sources.

Of course, when pointed out to Silverstein, he can’t accept the reality.

Israelis are posting a claim that the document I published is identical to a post published by Fresh a few days ago.  It is not.  My original IDF source may have leaked the post to someone at Fresh.  But whoever published it there embellished it with much material that is not in the original document.  I can’t ascribe motives to whoever published it at Fresh, but much of it appears fanciful and isn’t in the original document.

Silverstein also chooses to ignore the forum’s statement about the post being based only on foreign and open sources (or perhaps it is his inability to understand Hebrew)

Portions of the document I published are contained in the Fresh posting of 2002. Of course the IDF uses portions of its briefing memos for presentations and updates them as they develop new weapons systems. That’s what all militaries do. In 2002, they produced a document which was leaked to Fresh. The document I published contains other information that is not in the Fresh posting and the Fresh posting contains highly fictionalized scenarios which are not in the document I posted.

Notice how he even gets the year of the forum post wrong!

I thought that after I exposed Silverstein’s lack of fact-checking and proclivity to fabricate time and again, the media would start to ignore him. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Hopefully, after this latest embarassing episode, they will finally learn their lesson.

Update: See my most recent post for more on this.

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  • Judge Dan

    Nope, his delusional rants were picked up by Ynet, NRG, Haaretz and the BBC.

    • Shy Guy

      This “report”, Silverstein and his Tikun Olam were all over Israel Radio’s Reshet Bet yesterday afternoon, some time between 5:30-6:30PM. I could not believe the gullibility of the staff and the people they were interviewing.

    • mzk1

      I.E., the anti-Israel press.

  • EK

    I think this one marks the end of richards appearances on the media.

  • Norman B.

    Nope, the media won’t learn any lessons from this. They’ll grasp at any straw to uphold their perverted agenda.

  • Dan

    “Of course, when pointed out to Silverstein, he can’t accept the reality.”

    Frankly, I would instead point this out to the BBC which was quite keen to report this and interview Silverstain (typo intended). I was surprised that they didn’t look into his background and record failure. Perhaps because they so wanted it to be true.

    I heard the interview. Silverstain was keen to cry crocodile tears for his beloved Israel, all the while gleeful that he was sharing what he believed was confidential, operational data and putting countless Israeli lives in danger.

    What a putz. What a despicable human being.

  • Dan

    here’s the link to the interview

  • Dan
  • uncle joe mccarthy

    not sure why attacks are being made on dickie, we all know that he is a lover of jihad and hates jews and israel

    the question must be asked about news agencies even speaking to him

  • John Brooks

    Im sure we all know by now Silverstein is a lover of jihad, Islam, and Iran. Not to mention hates the Jews and Israel. Question is why do we pay this fool any mind?

  • zionair

    and the jewish daily forward (who have just hit rock bottom)i have shown link to israellycool on that site.

  • Spindok

    The fact that he fell for the science fiction scenario he posted shows that Hebrew is not the only subject he is weak on.

    He does not understand the basics of weapons, range and delivery platforms. Maybe 3 or 4 Israeli aircraft carrier groups with nearby land based support and B-2 bombers could do something like that. If such things existed outside of the US navy and air force.

    Except Israel does not have any of that. No long range bombers, four subs with something like six tubes each to launch cruise missiles of unknown range which are kept mostly as nuclear second strike deterrents. Sure the Israeli air forces are awesome but you cannot get an F-16 there and back without refueling and at that distance can only carry a limited number of weapons.

    Israel can hit Iran hard but this post he claims as a source would not make a credible thriller novel.

    • uncle joe mccarthy

      dickie thinks that israel is hiding super secret weapons under mount scopus

  • Jeff

    nice work Dave.

    Silverstein has once again been shown to be a liar and clueless.

  • Tang

    Jeff: “once again” is part of the problem. Silverstein has been discredited several times but news agencies keep citing him as if he were a reliable source. The ombudsmen of these news agencies need to have a talk with their reporters about how to do their jobs. The reporters are either gullible and too incompetent to google their sources, or they are intentionally advancing lies for partisan reasons. Neither is good for journalism.

  • Naftali

    First Dickie claims that Barak is telling everyone that Israel will attack Iran. I hear he even told the guy at the falafel kiosk at Dizingoff and Frishman.

    Then probably the most sensitive document imaginable just happens to fall into his hands with all the exact plans for war with Iran. I mean Dickie is better than the Mossad, KGB, CIA put together.


  • Jenni

    You see, all of Silverstein’s brains were in his foreskin, and, well, you know……

    • mzk1

      No, in a spiritual sense, he still has one.

  • Gaia

    I think Silverstein doesn’t give a damn.
    He probably doesn’t even care that had been exposed as a liar once more.
    He seems satisfied with the whole issue and proud that he could cause such mess.
    Proud that the BBC took him so seriously.
    His targets are so clear,he is satisfied that put Israeli soldiers at risk and also thousands of Israeli civilians as well.

    He loves to stir and do it well.

    He has a twisted soul and mind.

  • Commentary101

    There’s some limited success with this; and we’ve just started to see that, in the Hebrew media(via VelvetUnderground- an IMW award winning site):
    I’ve also submitted a complaint to the BBC.
    Let’s hope that at least their pretence to Journalistic standards, will force them to retract their Silverstein “pastiche” forthwith.

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  • juvanya

    which he claims to have received from a high-level Israeli source who received it from an IDF officer.

    Pretty sure thats hearsay.

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