Latest Pallywood Star: Tan Jacket Man

Watch the below report on the strikes against Gazan terrorists. Pay particular attention to the “injured” guy at 2:12 who seems to have made a miraculous recovery by the time you get to 2:43.

Hat tip: Jason

Update: Judge Dan points out that he may have a co-star in Reflective Vest Man (2:23-2:35) who is carried before being put down and going on his merry way.

Update: And are those boys dressed as women at 2:37? (hat tip: Tom)

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  • tom

    Well I would say that even for Pallywood stanards this ones is really, really bad. What about the three boys dressed up as women? (just take a look at 2:36) What is this??? I mean, how stupid can these TV people be?
    I must admit that the guy in the studio is saying “Hamas – Terror organization” in one sentence, so that’s actually a +1 point ;-)

  • ziontruth

    Two rockets on Tel-Aviv just now, one presumed in the water, the other unknown. No known casualties.

  • Norman B.

    At this point, it would be in Israel’s best interests to recognize Gaza as a sovereign independent state so that the Knesset can officially declare war and officially demand the enemy’s unconditional surrender. If recognition was good enough for the Emir of Qatar, it should be good enough for Israel.

  • Rob

    Tan Jacket Man also seems well enough to easily fling something away at 2:49.

  • walt kovacs

    what about the bbc stringer and the alleged death of his 1 year old son

    3 diff pics….3 diff outfits…grief on face but not a single tear…destroyed apt and yet baby only one injured

    as for bbc, dersh discusses this as why even when a pro israel person is being interviewed, his/her words are never heard, as the media shows scenes of violence that make one feel for the filthy lying arabs

    carpet bomb gaza and end this insanity

    thank you

    • Aussie Dave

      Do you have any links to the 3 different pics?

  • Rob

    “Carpet bomb Gaza and end this insanity,” Walt?

    You sound just like Hamas.

    I have zero problem with targeting filth like al-Jabari, the sites people like him use to launch their attacks, and any stockpiles of weapons that keep southern Israel and the rest of the country paralyzed. As I’ve said numerous times, if there were no rockets being launched, no terror and suicide attacks, then Israel wouldn’t be attacking.

    But carpet bombing Gaza is most certainly not the answer. That would make us just like them; a people who don’t value life. It may make you feel good to say garbage like that, but there are innocent people in Gaza. And you’re not doing anyone any good espousing such radically violent views. In fact, you sound just like al-Jabari and the rest of the insane Jew-hatred infesting many in the Arab world.

    • ziontruth

      “But carpet bombing Gaza is most certainly not the answer.”

      I agree. There were seven Canaanite nations the Torah says to wipe out, but the Arabs squatting on the Land of Israel aren’t descended from them, no matter how much they tell the world they are. So, apart from those seven Canaanite nations, the Torah says the way to go is not genocide but forcible population transfer, done in a way that preserves human life (i.e. no death marches and that sort of stuff).

      “…but there are innocent people in Gaza.”

      There may be a few—very few, I’d say—but since there’s no way of filtering them out from the majority, who are supporters if not active agents of the plan to destroy the Jewish state, kill its male population, take the females captive and plunder the land’s riches, we can’t risk our soldiers’ lives trying to be discriminate.

      Jewish Law on warfare says we must lay siege to an enemy city, give a couple of days of escorted leave to the defeated people to go away from the land (population transfer, as I said above), then destroy the city along with all those remaining (anyone who refused to take advantage of the opportunity to leave when offered is by definition not innocent). That’s God’s law and it defines what the moral course of action is.

      • Jim from Iowa

        This also sounds suspiciously like an episode from Season Three of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

      • tom

        *two thumbs up*

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  • Asaf glaich

    Obviously the beeb reversed the clips. Anyone who knows the media knows that this too, is a Zionist plot.

    • Observer

      You are not alone in using the “Zionist plot” catch words ! (read : “Jew”, but not PC these days so “Zionist” will do as we are told most emphatically: “Zionists are not necessarily Jews as we are of course not antisemitic or anything , you know, they can be of every religion and Nation”)
      Anytime the “palestinians” are caught red-handed being deceptive, “Zionists” are behind it.!! No evidence needed , just say the magic “Z”- word, and hey presto “ah ha”
      Everything is clear.

      Wow, must be powerful people these Zionists ! They manage to always out-smart the 1.2. billion Muslims every time ???! I mean you have to hand it to them. They dont even have allah behind them !

      • Jim from Iowa

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was a Zionist who put a scratch on my car. And litter is probably a Zionist plot, too.

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