Israel Apartheid Photos

I was honored to be asked to join the IsraellyCool team and contribute photo essays.

But what should my first post be? Especially after that Bar Mitzvah invitation video, really how could I top that?

I promise to do you a favor and not sing or dance, but to show you through photos what is really happening here in Israel.

I am not creative at setting up fantasy scenes and lousy at Photoshop, so you will have to settle for candid shots of real street events.

Everywhere else in the world a week is 7 days, but nothing about Israel seems to be measured by universal standards.

Silly me, I thought Israeli Apartheid Week which started in February had gone by quieter this year.

Then late last night I read a tweet about how Israel denied entry to a South African academic and educator, Salim Vally. 

Just reading Google search results on him and CERT, Centre for Education Rights and Transformation, spiked my blood pressure.

So since I know the IsraellyCool guys love my Israel Apartheid photos,

I decided not to wait and share some favorite ones now.

Salim Vally, Israel denier and hater, should have been let in to see Israeli apartheid for himself:


This Arab family had to share the same sidewalk with parked cars as they strolled in the center of Jerusalem.

Jaffa Gate photo,

Shocking how this young man had to carry a skateboard on his back as he walked towards Jaffa Gate.

Palestinian man photo.Man dressed Hamas like in Jerusalem

This man had to stand and wait in line behind a female shopper in Jerusalem store.

Muslim family photo, Jerusalem street photo, Agripas street image

Yes, this Arab family had to walk behind barriers along Agripas Street near Machane Yehuda Market.

Palesitinian men, photo Arab men,

And these men had to carry their own bags after a day working in the German Colony area.

Finally what I think is one of the most amazing photos for Israel Apartheid fans,

Muslim praying photo, Jeursalem photo

this man working near Gan Sacher, in the center of Jerusalem, got out of his truck and bowed down to pray, right there on the sidewalk in full view.

Everyday scenes like these are familiar to Israelis who just walk by and take no notice.

Muslim workers can be seen coming outside to pray regularly in Jerusalem and around Israel.

But people living in Canada, Australia, US, Europe, and Vally’s friends in South Africa,

are not used to seeing the real Jerusalem streets which are ignored by the media.

For more photos, check out  BDS in Jerusalem, this week’s post on The Real Jerusalem Streets.

Can you tell that Israel Apartheid Week is really one of my biggest pet peeves

and IsraellyCool was always one of my favorites?

Thanks for reading, hope to be back soon.

Sharon A

About Real Jstreets

I lived in the United States, Canada and Australia before moving to Israel in the midst of the Second Lebanon War. For the last seven years, walking the streets of Jerusalem, the scenes I saw every day did not resemble the ones familiar in the Western media. Now I try to share those positive images with the world, what is really happening in Jerusalem, Israel, The Real Jerusalem Streets

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  • Jim from Iowa

    I’m not one to be too critical, especially of a new contributor, but your photo essay doesn’t seem to capture Israel as an apartheid state at all. Could you at least find some Israelis doing the Harlem Shake, instead?

  • Joe

    When I was in Jerusalem I was sat outside Jaffa Gate, and a woman without a headscarf came up to talk to me and my friend. She was a Spanish citizen, but her parents were muslims from Jerusalem. She was looking round in disgust at the muslims. She said that Israel was far too islamic for her liking, and she was so glad that she lived in Spain where she didn’t have to suffer the oppression she would have face from muslims if her family had stayed in Israel.

  • Aussie Dave

    Welcome to the team and we look forward to many more posts from you Sharon!

    • Real Jstreets

      Thanks Dave!

  • walt kovacs

    uh…where is the guy’s prayer rug?

    doesnt he know that its haram to bow on the bare concrete?

    • Real Jstreets

      Often a flattened cardboard box will do. This was near the park and never saw a rug used in the park either now that you mention it.

  • Liz

    Ok, normally I avoid anything with BDS or apartheid in the title or into because I just… yeah I graduated university a decade ago.

    But I enjoyed your take in this case… Nothing’s close to perfect but yes, would have been better for the South African academic to spend some time around the country, speaking to folks.

    Keep the photos coming!

  • Avril

    I wish, I wish that I lived closer to Jerusalem. My fingers itch to pick up my camera and tell the true story of Israel and Jerusalem. You are doing a fantastic job and I am proud to be part of your work – even if it means leaving only a comment. Luv U……

    • Sharon A

      Avril love your support and great comments always

      • Avril

        Shalom, what is the connection to “The Real Jerusalem Streets” and “Israellycool”. If I post on Jerusalem Streets, will the comments also show on this site, or do I have (not forced) have to post on both sites?

  • debbie dan

    Kol Hakovod,Sharon!

    • Sharon A


  • judit blumenfrucht

    these pics are so amazing. I always wish someone would document the other side of the “apartheid accusations” and here you have… keep up the good work!
    chag sameach

    • Real Jstreets

      Thanks Judit, we plan to keep on doing just that, documenting the other side of the “apartheid accusations” here on a regular basis.

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