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Don’t Just Survive Israel Apartheid Week – Commandeer It

Four ideas to help informed, compassionate and passionate students counter the bigotry of the Anti-Zionists’ week-long holiday

It’s Party Time With Israel Apartheid Week!

It's Israel Apartheid Week - sponsored by great democracies like Iran, Syria, UNRWA and the UN!

The Good News No One Talks About

While the trends are worrying, we still have a lot to smile about!

WATCH: BDS Hate On Display At Wits University

They've lost their wits at Wits University in Joburg. Also their freedom of speech.

No Safe Space At Columbia For Pinocchio

They’ll do anything to shut down opposing voices on campus. Even giant inflatable cartoon voices.
Beit Hanasi with Israeli religious leaders including Muslim

8 Reasons Why Israel Apartheid Week Is Ridiculous

The apartheid lie is simply ridiculous

Yachad’s Hannah Weisfeld Gives Comfort And Solace

By showing up to these events, as-a-Jew representatives like Hannah Weisfeld reinforce the lies of those who hate and would destroy Jewish Israel.

Three Myths About Israel, Exposed

The truth about the BDS movement will surprise you!

Max Blumenthal’s Latest Fail

Max was NOT leaving on a jet plane

Educating Against Israel Apartheid Week

Solid South African video against Israel Apartheid Week

Reader Post: An Open Letter to the President of Brooklyn College

A College Rabbi is very concerned about Brooklyn College's decision to sponsor Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada
image pillbox sign, photo Jerusalem photo, picture Palestine

Truth About Palestine: 1936 – 1939

The first BDSFail was in Palestine before Israeli settlements
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