Reality of “Apartheid” In Israel

Inspired by the previous post, a whole number of other apartheid fails, and the fact posters seem to have a better chance of going viral!

apartheid poster

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Facebook Comments

  • cba

    That’s just {mumble-mumble-mumble}-washing!

    • jpl

      Exactly! Damned if you do…..

  • Jewess

    Great poster. Please add a pic of arab students studying with Israelis at Uni and of arab MK.

  • Real Jstreets

    And there were quite a few Arab students at Obama speech in Jerusalem, Israel. You can tell the Muslim women as they stand out, the others just blend into the crowed.

  • rulierose

    and don’t you have some loony Arab MK who travels freely around the world, telling people how awful and restrictive Israel is? that one I never did understand.

  • Dorith

    If you visit Face the Bridge on Facebook, you can see many examples of non-“apartheid” in Israel.

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