Batsh*t Crazy Claim Of The Day: Rowan Atkinson Converted To Islam (Updated)

Welcome Muslim readers! While this post has attracted much traffic from Muslim countries, with many of you linking to this post and using it as proof Rowan Atkinson converted to Islam, please note the title, as well as the content of this post. We do not believe for a second there is any veracity to the report from the anti-Israel website (update: and just received confirmation from his manager that it is not true)

For more, see our latest post here.

نرحب القراء مسلم! في حين أن هذا آخر قد جذبت الكثير من الحركة من البلدان مسلم، مع العديد منكم ربط هذا المنصب، واستخدامه كدليل تحويل روان أتكينسون إلى الإسلام، من فضلك لاحظ العنوان، وكذلك مضمون هذا المنصب. ونحن لا نعتقد للحظة واحدة كان هناك أي صحة لهذا التقرير من موقع المعادية لإسرائيل. للمزيد، راجع آخر مشاركة لدينا هنا


According to this anti-Israel site, Islam can count among its newest converts Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr Bean.

[Terrible auto-translation warning]

rowan atkinson

ه آخر تحديث 30/09/2013 | 16:20 فلسطينيو 48/ وكالات
تناقلت شبكات اخبارية على موقع التواصل الاجتماعي، وغيرها من المواقع الالكترونية صباح اليوم نبأ اعلان اسلام الفنان الكوميدي العالمي روان أتكينسون الشهير بـ “مستر بن” .
وفاجأ الفنان الكوميدي المشهور “مستر بين” الوسط العالمي والفني بإعلانه الدخول في الدين الاسلامي.
ونقل موقع “صدى بلادي” قولا لمستر بن يوضح من خلاله ان الفيلم المسيء للنبي -عليه السلام- كان سببا رئيسيا في اكتشافه لمعلم هذا الدين الحنيف، و لم يرد مستر بين التصريح للقنوات الإعلامية بذلك، اذ اكتفى برفع إصبعه بالشهادة.
وذكر بعض المصادر المهتمة وفق الموقع، أن الشيخ راشد الغنوشي راسل باسمه واسم حركة النهضة برقية تهنئة لهذا الفنان القدير مهنئين، داعياً إياه بالثبات على طريق الحق، في انتظار إرسال بعثة رسمية لتهنئته.
ويشير الموقع أن علاقة الشيخ راشد بـ”مستر بين” هي علاقة قديمة أيام كان في لندن. ولطالما كان الشيخ له خير ناصح.
ويمتاز هذا الفنان الاسطوري بموهبة لا يمتلكها اي فنان على قيد الحياة، الكوميديا الصامتة هي ملعبه الاول الذي لا ينافسه اي فنان فيها ابدا , انطلاقته كانت في المسرح وابدع في مئات الشخصيات المتنوعة لكن الجمهور لازال يطالبه بالعودة لشخصيته الفريدة (مستر بين).

Arab and international The king of silent comedy” Mr Bean” announced his conversion to Islam News networks picked up on the social networking site, and other websites morning news announcement Global Islam comedian Rowan Atkinson’s famous “Mr Bean”.

And surprised the comedian famous “Mr Bean” middle and artistic world by announcing entry in the Islamic religion.

And the relocation of “echo my” word Mr Bean shows from which the film was offensive to the Prophet – peace be upon him – was a major reason for the discovery of a teacher this true religion, and did not want Mr Bean authorizing the channels of information so, as it could only raise his finger testimony.

According to some sources, interested according to the site, Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi Contact the name and the name of the Nahda Movement congratulatory telegram for this artist Qadeer congratulating, calling him stable on the road to the right, waiting to send an official mission to congratulate him.

The site indicates that Sheikh Rashid relationship with “Mr Bean” is related to ancient days was in London. Sheikh has long been a good mentor.

The advantage of this artist’s legendary talent does not possess any artist alive, comedy silent is the home first which is not rivaled by any artist where ever, its launch was in the theater and excelled in hundreds of figures varied but the public is still asking him to return to his unique (Mr Bean).

What makes this story particularly funny (and ridiculous) is the fact Rowan Atkinson has been at the forefront of the fight against blasphemy laws.

He also apparently once said this:

The starting point for my objections to this Bill is to argue with its supposedly inarguable premise: the ooh Yes Religious Hatred, that sounds like a bad thing, let’s have a law against that. As hatred is defined as intense dislike, what is wrong with inciting intense dislike of a religion, if the activities or teachings of that religion are so outrageous, irrational or abusive of human rights that they deserve to be intensely disliked?

Update: All this talk of Rowan Atkinson and religion serves as enough excuse to post this classic.

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An Aussie immigrant to Israel, Aussie Dave is founder and managing editor of Israellycool, one of the world's most popular pro-Israel blogs (and the one you are currently reading) He is a happy family man, and a lover of steak, Australian sports and girlie drinks

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  • spondres
  • cba

    The FB comments (as of this writing) are pretty funny. It seems that they (almost) all believe the batshit crazy story…

  • Andrew

    Seriously, where’d did you post it to get these facebook comments?… lol

  • crocre

    بس لا يصير ارهابي

    • ahmedch

      we all know who’s really the big terrorist ;)

      • man

        USA, Israhell, EU, …. and more , all of them are terrorists …!!

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  • cba

    Now there’s a pingback, this thread is going to be inundated…

    Let the batshit-crazyfest begin!

    • Norman B.

      Muslims will grasp at straws to find anything that brings even a modicum of comfort to their miserable lives.

      • Has

        You’re a bigger idiot than i thought Norman, go back to living your miserable life.
        If you think you’re this big or a man then hate on Islam while you’re about to die, you’ll see your reality when you’re dead.

        • mat

          Have you ever read Bible? You first read your Quran in your mother tongue and then get a Bible and read it. I hope that it will open your eyes rather than going blindly behind an earthly comfort of saying ‘one God’. Read Bible and you will understand what God is, don’t be a slave to anything or anybody.

          • Kevin Danu

            everyone will get punishment if he or her say bad word about someone religion.. but, i not agree what a norman says..

          • Ali

            Dear mat,

            nowhere in the bible jesus claims himself as God. the concept of trinity is an addition made by man. its a mockery to the divinity of God. saying tht God was in jesus or jesus is the son of God is forbidden and is a mockery of God. God is too great for this and he is free from all these accusations made by man. In the quran God warns the people who associate anyone or anything with him and warns such a people with everlasting punishment.

      • Obaid Khan


        Which life you are talking about? Muslims lives are not miserable, just keep in mind. You are blind & brainless. You cant see and understand it.

        Thanks to God that Muslims are away from Islam otherwise you have to lose your only State of Jews-Israel.

        • assim

          hamdolilah /thanks fo allah/ about blessing of islam hamdolilah about thislife
          miserable life in view but inside us if others spend all what they have they will not reach 1/100 from ur happness
          hamdolilah about islam our women for one man not for evry one

          hamdolilah we have strong familly parents kids all toghter s with responsabilyi
          out doughters not nakled iwn way as product( not spend neight in diosco with alchol
          hamdolulah we have honor to can live jealous

          if you rnt muslims go lok your daughter how many one …… your wife with who spent time your ………. has no sence or honor to live just drink alchkol to forget where you re

        • deedee

          Ah, the religion of peace. I’m feeling warm and fuzzy all over from this display of goodness and light.

          • KarmaIsABitch


          • Ali

            Dear deedee,

            Islam means submitting ones will to the Creator no matter how much one dislikes doing that and brother you know the greatest gift tht God gives to such a person in this world is inner peace something which you cannot get even if you one gave all the wealth and resources on this planet in return for it. Inner peace is a gift from God and he says tht he only gives it to those who sincerely obey him. All the religions were from God but during the time their scriptures were corrupted by man but in the quran God has challenged anyone to even change a single line and to this day the Quran remains unchanged. Hope God guides us all. Ameen

        • Jamal

          patience brother.. I understand your anger all too well. But please do not succumb to it. It does us no good. Remember our creator and stand by what we believe in. InsyaAllah, everything will be fine :)

          Should this news be true, then Alhamdulillah :) Should it be a wrong, then all we can do is pray that it will come true soon :)

          • deedee

            Should this news be true, then Alhamdulillah :) Should it be a wrong, then all we can do is pray that it will come true soon

            There’s nothing more important to pray for than for Rowan Atkinson to convert to Islam. Today Mr. Bean, tomorrow, the world!!!

            • Anon

              I find your sarcasm very ironic.
              Muslims DO actually pray for every human being what they believe is best for them.
              Islam is a way of life that enables a person to be at peace mentally, physically, and spiritually.

              I do not support mockery of ANY RELIGION. Respect is to be shown to all.

              • deedee

                You really ought to read this thread a bit more carefully and make note of all the “respect” shown to other religions by Muslim posters.

                • cba

                  Very true.

                  Lots of projection going on here… plus several of them being incredibly insulting to non-Muslims and then getting all bent out of shape because they’re not getting the elevated respect they think they’re entitled to (above all others).

                  • Anon

                    I said it once and I’ll say it again.
                    Attacking, insulting, or mocking a religion in any way is unacceptable behavior. Whether it was Islam, Judaism, or Christianity.

                    Those who do so are not qualified individuals.
                    It has nothing to do with the religion as a whole.
                    Using those individuals as an excuse to do any of the above is just as bad.
                    Educating them or simply explaining that concept to them is enough. Anything more will be unnecessary.
                    And just to make this point clear, your regards on “elevated respect above all others” should not be a problem.
                    Qualified Muslims do not think that way.
                    You should know better than to make those individuals on the internet a reference to a whole religion.

                • Javed Ahmad

                  I am a Muslim Alhamdulilah and i always pray to Almighty Allah to lead all non muslims to convert into Islam and help them to know all the truths and realities… i never want to insult any religion but i only say the truth… the truth is this.. the one and only religion which is sent by Allah and which is accepted by Almighty Allah is Islam… Jesus Chris is not God he is A Slave and Prophet or Messenger of Allah I respect him as Pride for Islam and humanity… lets know ourselves not the way i am Jorge son of bla bla bla….. etc but the way where we came from who am i? what is my responsibility ? why i am not created animal? why i am called human? what is human? i challenge no religions no books has the answers except Islam and Holy Quran… because Allah Says Humans are lord of creation and I created Humans lord of creation.. my dear non Muslim people please read the above questions and find the right answers for each of them then i guarantee you find the good path even if you are the biggest anti Muslim individual

            • Jamal

              hahahaha not really. I’m surprised you even thought about that. But we practice praying for the sake of others and of course ourselves. I mean, what’s the harm of praying for someone else and in this case Mr Atkinson?

              • Jamal

                oh and I almost forgot :)
                Just because something isn’t important, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore it.

      • amorphis

        Miserable lives? you mean that a good life is:
        drinking till you don’t know who you are or where you are, living in a snow desert, leading an immoral life, being slave to junk food and porn, having a huge hole in your mind and empty well in your spirit?

      • deedee

        Well, you did ask for it, Norman. All the foam-at-the-mouthers are coming after you now! rofl.

      • anonymous

        Ignorant little Norman, I’m sorry – “Miserable lives” please, i’m not sure how i’m suppose to explain this to your mentally lacking brain. But sweetheart, Muslims are the only ones who feed their souls and undoubtedly believe they’ve been placed on this earth with a sole purpose to please their creator.

        “Miserable” would be the perfect word to describe YOU. An individual with no purpose in life, blindly walking around with an emptiness inside that cannot be filled therefore finding satisfaction in committing immoral actions without a sense of right or wrong.

        Tbh, if anything Mr.Bean NEEDS Islam.

      • Samira

        we havent miserable lifes , one day will Israel not exist, i believe in that, you are a bunsch of marrons, iluminati pigs, if you claim muslims for all the Teror done by your zionist hands behind, you will controll in reality the world but hidden! Evry single day i make padua at your zionist nation, but i know the differense between juws and jionist the illuminati pigs, not all juws same class! if you mean we have miserable lifes bcz Palestinian poor and opressed , from your zinist gouvermant so we never give up and put over heads down from you, Know we are Muslims and we never put down over Heads down, only from Allah, thatswhy we are not same class as you , a hunter of money and profit, In schaa Allah Allah quide you to Islam even you not will but Allah like , Amin in past some haters convert to Islam, even i knew so much jews also, Allhmadullilah, Think better in silent minute about your life before you claim us, akq you self where is the crator of the World where create you, and why you life now …read and think!

        • Zionist Shark

          Awesome. The best part is that this lovely paranoid, Jew-hating jackass actually wrote “…read and think!” at the end of that wall of barely intelligible, paranoid, Jew-hating jackasery.

          P.S. When he calls us a “hunter of money and profit”, at first I thought it said “hunter of monkey and profit”. True story.

          P.P.S. Sweet of you to capitalize Israel.

  • abdussalam

    norman you are out of mind ,you have no idea what you are saying,and your thought about islam is pathatic,come on brother please just think about your religion

    • Jamal

      relax brother :) remember that anger is an association with syaithon

  • javad

    الموت لاسراييل

  • qauzeem

    If this is the rationale with which you judge that it was false than you missed it. Many who believed with the Prophet (s.a.w) were before his staunch enemies. Such is the nature of men, we can be here today, the other side the next day.

  • qauzeem

    If this is the rationale with which you judge that it was false then you missed it. Many who believed with the Prophet (s.a.w) were before his staunch enemies. Such is the nature of men, we can be here today, the other side the next day.

  • Norman B.

    The pathological hatred spewed here, along with the equally pathological obsessions with porn and alcohol, only confirms my assessment.

    • Jamal

      but then why the comment on our ‘miserable'(?) lives? are you psychic or something? :) the “pathological hatred” you received is only an outcome of your earlier remark. Think about it this way, you punch someone deliberately, do you really expect that person to stand there and do nothing? This is just another form of a mind game.

    • amorphis

      Well, your comment highlights where you are in life and how much of a miserable person you are )))
      I mean, you can’t live without trolling and getting some feedback, be it positive or negative.
      Do your self a favor, go to a music fest and sweat your ass off )) Go to gym, visit the sea, read a book, fill your brain drawers, then sit down and relax. But if you are really really looking for troubles and embarrassment then you will surely get what you need, and if you keep acting like a psychosocial zionist spreading hatred and wickedness then you will taste your own evil, after all what goes around comes around.
      As for alcohol&sex, well, if you were reading books you would know that Islam prohibits Alcohol and adultery. But i can see where you come from, porn and alcohol are fine in your culture, i mean jewish talmud allows sew with under aged children, so i don’t expect you to appreciate a religious belief which banishes perversion, porn, drugs, addiction….
      Again, do yourself a favor,

      • Aussie Dave

        Amazing how so-called “anti Zionists” invariably start posting derogatory things about the JEWISH Talmud. And then they will have a fit when you suggest they are antisemitic.

      • deedee

        if you were reading books you would know that Islam prohibits Alcohol and adultery.

        Oh, the irony of you telling someone to read books.

        • amorphis

          it’s time you lock yourself up in a library ;)

          • deedee

            more irony.

            • amorphis

              oh, the irony of you refusing to expand your mind :)

              • deedee

                Oh, the reality of you being out of yours. :)

                Amorphis, when your people stop murdering civillians around the world in the name of your god and your intolerant ideology; and when your people stop insolently dictating the terms of life to the populations of the Western countries who host you; and when your people stop taking the rest of us for fools who don’t understand your terrorizing, aggressive agenda … then maybe we can have a conversation. Until then, I will continue to see you as the supremacist, intolerant, misogynist, backward, dangerous, lying, murderers that you are.

                (With deep apologies to the reasonable and sane ones among your people.)

  • Obaid Khan

    Hi Norman,

    Mostly people like you dont know the religion. For Example, if you born in a Jew family you will follow what your fore fathers are doing. You will follow them, never try to learn the orders of God. Instead you will follow orders of your father. At the end, you will be unsatisfied from yourself, your way of praying.

    That’s the main difference between a Muslim & Non Muslims.

    Muslims use to follow orders of God not the people, which make them free from the abuses you people have.

    As they use to follow the religion in the true sense without any sort of addition by humans, while you people dont bother to check whether its orders of God or your father.

    Please try to understand your religion itself then critisize Muslims.

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  • lasmi

    congrat to Mr. Bean

  • Pingback: Rowan Atkinson Converted To Islam | FOXcey , News,Current Affairs and BlogsFOXcey , News,Current Affairs and Blogs()

  • Dan De Questry

    The comments by the Muslims on this page are hilarious .. they’re actually funnier than the story .. and by a wide margin. Can you say cult religion?

    My Favorite: Noor Mowaffak Al-Allaf “U r a shame symbol that gives abad focus to Islam ”

    Hahaha that is hilarious!

    • Hamid

      As a Muslim I take exceptions but sometimes comments by Muslims are like a cult and cause to embarrassment and shame.

    • cba

      I know. It’s classic, isn’t it?

    • deedee

      Some of the over-the-top religious nuttery on this page sounds like a Hollywood screenwriting course in “how to write wacky religious zealot dialogue for Mel Brooks comedies”.

  • Ahmad Jaan

    my ALLAH today i am so much happpy to seeee that Abdul Mohammad Mr Bean Sahb is become one
    real Muslim..
    i proud of you my sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Bean…
    Allah bless you….

    • dud

      seriously? -_- this is a fake news.

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  • milan kurdi

    Thank God for the blessing of Islam ……And the God of Islam is the religion of the right and interest of mankind and God willing, all the world has entered Islam as certified by the words the Albulharih Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him

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  • Malik
  • Zionist Shark

    Howdy everyone. Wow, looks like a fun party going on today at Israellycool!

    So I heard that Mr. Bean has converted to Islam. Is it true?

    Welp, it’s a new day here in the Evil Zionist Entity™, so I’m off to fulfill my Jewish obligation to be “killing the innocents every day”….at least according to Mahamoud Ali, Muslim Pharmacist™.

    • Jamal here you should read this article.. Perceiving others as the same just because one of their kind does one thing is wrong. What I am trying to say is that we are individuals and labels like this should not exist. But then again it’s in our nature to do this and it’s the same for everyone. We judge people all the time. Discrimination has existed for a very, very long time and it has not stopped even in this modern world. Why discriminate? Why make fun of others? What right do we have? Are we qualified enough to even make such judgements? do we really know the people we know? Or do we think we know them?

      • Zionist Shark

        Your point is what, now?

        • Jamal

          all I’m saying is that you judge us and we judge you. I disagree that everyone from a certain religion is the same cause we’re all individuals. We can’t just go around putting labels and discriminating them. Let the hate stop. What’s wrong with getting along with each other? respecting each other and their point of view. we don’t have to agree with each other but that doesn’t mean that we should fight.

          • Aussie Dave

            I agree Jamal. Let’s get along :)

  • Rockbatu

    Mr Bean never convert to muslim

  • zuhaib durrani

    u dont knw how much rowan atkinson is popular in muslim world …..especially pakistan where i belong to may b he is more popular than our own prime minister

  • Benjobmann

    salamu alaikum, the truth is, that the majority of children of israel, are not going to utter a sincere-like point of view but show hatred to all especially to muslims, the point is that the zionists (israelly movements) have changed numerous times their true identity and always will be amongst them killers and liars, see surah isra’ ayah 1 & 2, words of God clearly tells me that they are not from Jacob nor from Shem, (peace be upon them), the understanding of the ayat children of israel were with Noah on the boat, Noah peace be upon him is the father of Shem (arabs), tells me why they have always opposites to prophets and some they killed all originated from shem lands where all the arabs from. No need to argue with them, remember? They have made up lies in the previous god’s books, thanks to god he promised them failure in changing the last testament which is the quran. Culturelly, they were taught to hate all the decendants of Abrahim from father to son. they are the real anti-semetic, but their constructed lies over the ages, confused many people in this world and many of whom do not read the quran often. Israel is told to be one of adam’s sons and the decendant of israel are his children that happen to get on the boat mercy from allah that they reject. w’allahu aalam. dear brothers and sisters if you do not know this, seek further clarifications, and remember that a party of the children of israel are granted paradise that party of them that believed in god like any of all the believers. salam.

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  • Zionist Shark

    Dear diary. Today I went to the Israellycool comment section, and a J Street Convention broke out.

    • cba

      I think this is officially the funniest-ever Israellycool thread!

      Who knew that so much batshit-crazy could be so much fun?!

      • Zionist Shark

        I know, right? 8)

  • Zionist Shark



    • SOLLY

      lionel messi and christiano Ronaldo staunch pro palestine

  • adam

    hi everyone,
    to be sincere, i’m not muslim. But islam that i know never bring any miserable life to human. never teach their people to be cruel. in al-quran ever mention that, dont hate other religions else they will do the same thing to allah and islam. i learn alot of new thing form my muslim friends. used to read alot of books related to islam. for me, islam is the perfect religion. i do read al-quran. until now if i have time. everything that had been delivered to Muhammad from Allah had bring alot of changes to mankind. Everything that were prohibited in islam come along with logic explaination and prove. that what i understood about islam not like the outside world which terrorism everywhere. and they just claim islam is the brutal religion. dont just judge the book form its cover. for my point of view. Those extremes dont apply the real islam. thanks.

    • cba

      i’m not muslim

      Why not?

      You go on to say, “for me, islam is the perfect religion,” yet you haven’t adopted it–why is that?

      • cba

        Adam, you never answered my question.

        Why aren’t you a Muslim?

        • deedee

          He’s not answering because he actually is a Muslim, and he’s ashamed because his religion teaches him never to lie for the sake of Islam *cough*.

          • Salah ud Din

            So, you admire that Islam teaches Muslims to not to lie… You will speak and speak the truth because Islam is Islam that is reality and truth. You will come to know if you read about Islam, if you are just believing in what you have listened about Islam, you should not be here. You should learn Islam’s teachings then make comment on religion I am sure you will not be able to deny Islam.

            • deedee

              I believe what I see with my own eyes.

              • Salah ud Din

                Once see being neutral, you will find the right way. May ALLAH bless you with prosper life and right path to follow.

            • mat

              Abba, show him the right path. Make his body, mind and spirit free.

    • deedee

      We don’t judge the book by its cover. We judge the book from the words, and actions, and deeds of the people who read and follow it. That’s what we judge.

      • cba

        Yes, but adam uses the all-purpose Get Out of Jail Free card: “Those extremes dont apply the real islam”

        This means they can claim with great joy the glorious deeds of the brave mujaheddin (including the “Glorious 19″ of 9/11) while simultaneously denying that “real Muslims” would do any such thing.

        You can see lots of examples on this tread (especially in the FB section). Anyone who says they don’t hate Israel is attacked as not being a “real Muslim”–because, although “real Muslims” aren’t supposed to be extremists, they are supposed to exterminate Israel. But not in an “extremist” way, of course…

        • deedee

          You know that scene in Titanic, when Jack tells Rose to hold on to the railing because this is it – the ship’s taking its final plunge? That’s how I’m feeling looking at the content of this thread, and knowing it’s just the tip of the iceberg (sorry: Titanic … iceberg…). Civilization is sinking into utter 7th century darkness.

          • cba

            Civilization is sinking into utter 7th century darkness


            There are a lot of crazies in the world (most of them, apparently, on this thread and its companion), but I think most people are more sensible.

      • SWAAS

        You judge by actions? Well, we judge by actions as well. Don’t judge Islam today as you judge it from 500 years ago. The existence of Satan which is “Devil” is the reason you’re mocking Islam & Muslims, and also the reason you call ALL Muslims ‘terrorists’ I won’t lie, but there ARE Muslim terrorists, as there are Christian terrorists, etc etc. There are also Muslims who know god, as there are Christians who know god as well and are very peaceful, respectful to other points of view.

        Please if you are going to reply to this, do not mock Islam, as I did not try mocking Judaism or Christianity, to which both I strongly dislike. As you dislike Islam.

      • Salah ud Din

        Go and read Qura’an and bring us with a single verse that you can deny. Go for the words first, We have original version of Allah’s messages for humanity, that you don’t have. What followers do, you should read about Umar (RA), Ali(RA), Abu-Bakar (RA), Usman(RA). We admire that we are not who follow Islam completely, but if you have any query about Muslims we being the learners of Islam will guide you.

    • Jawad

      Well said Adam.. the biggest mistake of West is to judge islam by judging muslim… if u really wanna point out a finger on religion Islam then 1st u get to know what is the message of islam not by what muslim do… if any muslim is a terrorist its not because islam ask him or engourage him to be a terrorist… they Day Muhammad PBUH conquered makkah he forgave everyone including that women who chewed the heart of Muhammad PBUH beloved uncle.. Islam mean peace.. Its Islam who says killing an innocent human being is like killing a whole mankind.. Islam ask muslims to respect other religions and their religious places… We respect Jesus more than any christian in this world.. u have a right to point a finger on muslim if they do something wrong but u have no right to point finger at islam esp when u kno nothin about it…

      • deedee

        the biggest mistake of West is to judge islam by judging muslim… if u really wanna point out a finger on religion Islam then 1st u get to know what is the message of islam not by what muslim do…

        Well, you’ve obviously never heard the Western expression “stupid is as stupid does”, or “put your money where your mouth is”.

        Islam mean peace..

        Yes, Islam sure is spreading peace all around the world these days, isn’t it. The world has never been this peaceful. I’ve never felt so safe!

      • cba

        Islam mean peace.

        I’m surprised a learned Muslim like you would make such an elementary mistake. “Salaam” means “peace.” “Islam” means “submission.”

        • Rus A

          Brother, only because you’re a sore loser losing in a word war doesn’t mean you should correct an assumed elementary mistake. Just to enlighten you because you seem to be blinded by darkness, the word ‘Islam’ literally means peace. Only when you understand the concept of this religion would you understand why Muslims submit to Allah. Do not trust what the internet defines it for you, mostly they were written by people who knows less, like you. The word ‘Islam’ came from the root word ‘Salam’ which you clearly know means peace. In arabic, it has almost similar spelling hence why it is called ‘root word’. I just hope you will read more to know exactly what Islam is before you counter it with your mindless judgments. Have a delightful day, and may Allah bless and have mercy on your soul.

    • adi

      nice taqiyya

    • mat

      You know what Islam is? A lie told hundred times can become a ‘truth’.

      • Beatrix Kiddo

        Kid…!!! and that talk isn’t mature enough for a grown up kid

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  • Whatever

    Who gives a shi* if he became a Muslim or not? Ppl go have a life and find something productive to do. losers!

    • Beatrix Kiddo

      ha ha ha… Good 1. I liked it

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  • shahid

    alllahu akbar… alhamdulillah…………………………..

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  • nina

    islam is the religeon of’s the correct one………………….

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  • Iqbal Karim

    It is all about story of ADAM & offspring of ADAM HUMANS & HUMANITY, GOOD & BAD HUMANS. GOOD FROM GOD .. BAD FROM SAITAN.. WHOMSOEVER will do good reward good & WHOMSOEVER do bad will reward bad in very many forms. Be Good to humans and burn your Lust for anything as this is the transition of short time for humans. As Prophet Ibrahim is the Father of Monotheistic Faiths (Jewish – Moses (PBUH) / Moosa (PBUH, Christian Jesus (PBUH) / Essa (PBUH) and Islamic Muhammad (PBUH)) and was named Khalil’ullah – Friend of Allah for his staunch faith in the Unseen GOD.


  • azhar

    why people spread these type of rumors that he/she is converting to islam. these type of prcatices only bring bad name to islam

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  • Edward

    islam is the religion of Satan whose prophet is called “muhammed”.

    • Great Doctor KHAN

      shut the fuck up mother fucker
      Edward I should fuck ur mother the bitch

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  • cba

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