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Eliminating the context is everything, especially when including it will expose your lying duplicity. Such is the case with this Upworthy clip which attempts to portray Israeli checkpoints as a deliberate attempt by Israel to restrict the movement of Arab residents in Judea and Samaria and prevent them from receiving medical care. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The clip is a dramatization. A girl on a bike is hit by a car. The driver of the car calls for an ambulance, but the ambulance won’t be making it any time soon because of—you guessed it—Israeli checkpoints. The driver loads the injured girl into his car and tries to get past all the checkpoints and unfeeling soldiers but comes up against an, um, wall.

Finally, the girl dies without having received the urgent medical care that might have saved her life.

Note that all of this takes place in England. And it’s only a dramatization. A FALSE one with a narrative more interesting than the truth could ever be.

The truth is this: Arabs use ambulances to transport explosives and terrorists into Israeli cities.

So what would you do if this happened on a regular basis in your country? Would you allow Arab ambulances the freedom of movement required to explode the healthy urban people of, say, London?

The accompanying text on the Upworthy clip states:
“There is more to Israel and Palestine than this, but this video sheds light on the severe mobility restrictions in the West Bank that make access to health care nearly impossible for many.”

Actually, there’s not a lot more to Israel and “Palestine.”  All you need to know is this: Arabs will use any and all measures available to them to kill Jews. There is nothing they won’t stoop to, nothing too low or too devious to be used for this purpose.  They will strap explosives onto their youths and hide explosives under the bodies of small children or pregnant women on stretchers in ambulances. They will use human shields and then lie about it to the cameras.

Wafa al Bass is a Gazan Arab who was permitted to enter Israel for treatment at an Israeli hospital in 2005. She wore a suicide bomb vest which she attempted to detonate as she crossed into Israel by way of the Erez Crossing.

Wafa al Bass is a Gazan Arab who was permitted to enter Israel for burn treatment at an Israeli hospital in 2005. She wore a suicide bomb vest which she attempted to detonate as she crossed into Israel by way of the Erez Crossing.

And that is all you really need to know.

The clip and its accompanying text is nothing but a lie—a lie that got 32K Facebook likes and is marked as a Vimeo Staff Pick.

Stumbling across an Upworthy clip in my Facebook newsfeed used to mean great entertainment that made me think. Once upon a time I loved taking time away from my work at Kars for Kids to watch those clips. But the next time a friend posts an Upworthy clip, I think I’ll pass.

I have enough “drama” in my life.

I much prefer the truth.

About Varda Epstein

A third-generation-born Pittsburgher on her mother’s mother’s side, Varda moved to Israel 34 years ago and is a crazy political animal who spams people with right wing political articles on Facebook in between writing about education as the communications writer at Kars for Kids, raising her 12 children, and noshing constantly on fried food

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  • Rachel Ann

    Thank you very much. I saw this clip and I was so very upset. All I could think of was the countless people Israel has treated from Gaza and Arab villages, how many lies this clip has told. THANK YOU, for this excellent expose.

  • http://www.darnellclayton.com Darnell Clayton

    Excuse my ignorance but when was this a Vimeo staff pick? I don’t recall seeing it displayed on Vimeo’s feed & do not see it on their Tumblr page.

    Unless they removed it would you kindly provide a link? A Google search didn’t help me out. (Yes, I want to know so I can bring this up to the Vimeo staff).

    • http://judeanrose.blogspot.com Varda

      Hi Darnell,
      Scroll up to the top of this blog and look at the video still without pressing the play button. You can see the designation of the clip as a Vimeo Staff Pick in the left-hand corner of the video still. See it now?

  • Deebo

    In that short 1m 34s video, we saw the following:
    – An attempt to use an explosive device on civilians
    – A woman and a child used as human shields
    – Assuming the woman and child were to WEAR THAT EXPLOSIVE BELT, the IDF just saved their lives
    – The use of ambulances to transport explosives thus causing additional checkpoint delays
    – How powerful the explosives really are (imagine if they were used in a crowded market

    Amazing how much information we can get from such a short video.

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  • wp kervin

    Keep up the good work…

    • Varda Epstein

      Thanks, wp!

  • juvanya

    Upworthy is a garbage website. All they do is repost other content to promote their socialist “progressive” agenda.

    • Varda Epstein

      Yeah. That’s pretty much my conclusion, too, Juvanya.

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