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WATCH: The IDF Soldier Who Neutralized Halamish Terrorist Speaks

This is the eyewitness testimony of the IDF soldier who neutralised the terrorist in Halamish with a single shot

WATCH: Tear Down This Monument To Evil #TearDownTheMonument

How can there be peace when they’re building monuments to terror. #TearDownTheMonument

I Think: This Will Be It

When will it be it?

NIF’s Daniel Sokatch: It Was “Palestinian Activists” Who Murdered Israelis

And it was “Palestinian activists” who killed four Jews (and an innocent Arab) yesterday.

We Have Waze Of Keeping You Safe

The technology helps, but you still need to have a feel for the situation here.

BBC Just Can’t Stop Hating Jew

The BBC never misses an opportunity to accuse the Jews of defending themselves maliciously.

Thursday Night: And The Shopping Is Easy

The sad sight of a Rami Levy Supermarket empty of customers on Thursday night.

Shameful Reactions

Jews murdered while praying and the excuses and revolting reactions follow.

Terror Attack: Four Jews Murdered While Praying

Another horrible attack on Jews in Jerusalem by Arab terrorists.

Jerusalem Terror Attack Caught On Tape

There's an ongoing Intifada in Jerusalem which is underreported by the media

Muslims Celebrate Hamas Rockets While Driving During Siren

Only an ignoramus celebrates terrorism in a country that protects him from it
image Palestinian woman, photo Arab woman

Arab Women Be Careful

An Arab woman was alone at the same bus stop.

Upworthy Lies

Upworthy tells a whopper of a lie in its dramatization of a car accident to show Israeli restrictions on Arab freedom of movement and access to medical care
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