Roger Waters Pens Scarlett Letter

Hey look. Roger Waters posted his frustrations on Facebook.

And I see he has questions for Scarlett Johansson after she bravely took a stand for what’s right and not what’s fashionable.

roger waters poster2In the past days I have written privately to Neil Young (once) and to Scarlett Johanson (a couple of times). Those letters will remain private.

Sadly, I have received no reply from either.

And so I write this note on my Facebook page somewhat in bewilderment.

Neil? I shall ponder all of this long and hard. We don’t really know each other, but, you were always one of my heroes, I am confused.

Scarlett? Ah, Scarlett. I met Scarlett a year or so ago, I think it was at a Cream reunion concert at MSG. She was then, as I recall, fiercely anti Neocon, passionately disgusted by Blackwater (Dick Cheney’s private army in Iraq), you could have been forgiven for thinking that here was a young woman of strength and integrity who believed in truth, human rights, and the law and love. I confess I was somewhat smitten. There’s no fool like an old fool.

A few years down the line, Scarlett’s choice of Soda Stream over Oxfam is such an act of intellectual, political, and civil about face, that we, all those of us who care about the downtrodden, the oppressed, the occupied, the second class, will find it hard to rationalize.

I would like to ask that younger Scarlett a question or two. Scarlett, just for one example, are you aware that the Israeli government has razed to the ground a Bedouin village in the Negev desert in Southern Israel 63 times, the last time being on the 26th of December 2013. This village is the home to Bedouin. The Bedouin are, of course, Israeli citizens with full rights of citizenship. Well, not quite full rights, because in “Democratic” Israel there are fifty laws that discriminate against non Jewish citizens.

I am not going to attempt to list, either those laws (they are on the statute book in the Knesset for all to research) or all the other grave human rights abuses of Israeli domestic and foreign policy. I would run out of space. But, to return to my friend Scarlett Johanson.

Scarlett, I have read your reposts and excuses, in them you claim that the Palestinian workers in the factory have equal pay, benefits and “Equal rights”. Really? Equal Rights? Do they?

Do they have the right to vote?

Do they have access to the roads?

Can they travel to their work place without waiting for hours to pass through the occupying forces control barriers?

Do they have clean drinking water?

Do they have sanitation?

Do they have citizenship?

Do they have the right not to have the standard issue kicking in their door in the middle of the night and taking their children away?

Do they have the right to appeal against arbitrary and indefinite imprisonment?

Do they have the right to re-occupy the property and homes they owned before 1948?

Do they have the right to an ordinary, decent human family life?

Do they have the right to self determination?

Do they have the right to continue to develop a cultural life that is ancient and profound?

If these questions put you in a quandary I can answer them for you. The answer is, NO, they do not.

The workers in The Soda Stream Factory do not have any of these rights.

So, what are the “equal rights” of which you speak?

Scarlett, you are undeniably cute, but if you think Soda Stream is building bridges towards peace you are also undeniably not paying attention.


So I decided to help out in answering.

Dearest Roger,

As of late you have clearly spiraled into the deep chasm of antisemitism without any hope of recovery. That’s your choice. But you also lead your sheep-like fans, hopelessly passing their time in the grassland awaaaaaaaay.

Here in the real world, cooperation leads to good things.  Sodastream is a great example of economic cooperation and the employees are very grateful. In fact SodaStream is just a microcosm of the good that can come from this thing called cooperation. But unfortunately, your support for BDS shows you have no interest whatsoever in anyone cooperating with anyone lest they be called normalizers or something.

Let’s take a look, and in doing so I’ll answer each one of your questions to Scarlett Johansson, and then maybe you can see that despite the constant belligerency of the Palestinians to accept that the single tiny little Jewish nation exists, there are those that desire cooperation and act on those desires.

Do they have the right to vote?

First of all, you have a tendency to mix up many issues here. Arabs in Israel clearly have the same rights as any citizen. Discrimination is illegal in Israel.

But obviously you are referring to the Palestinians under the Palestinian Authority. So. Yes. They have the right to vote for their leaders in the Palestinian Authority. But unfortunately, Mahmoud Abbas is on year 10 of his 4-year term. Palestinians would have the right to vote if the PA ever ran an election like democracies usually do once in a blue moon.

Besides, I don’t get it. You want Palestinians to be autonomous and to have their own state. Yet you expect Israel to give them the right to vote in the Israeli government? That’s like expecting America to give Canadians the right to vote for the US president.

Do they have access to the roads?

What kind of dumbassery is this? Access to roads? Do you see this sign?

This sign is to warn Israelis not to enter a Palestinian road. Do you know why this sign is necessary? Because whenever an Israeli car enters a Palestinian village (even by accident) this happens.

You obviously have no problem with this do you?

Can they travel to their work place without waiting for hours to pass through the occupying forces control barriers?

Although I know you really couldn’t care less, but we must highlight that before Israel was forced to restrict movement of Palestinians, over 1000 Israeli civilians died in hundreds of terror attacks aimed at maximizing the death of any man, woman or child who happened to be there at the time. These terror attacks were, by the way, fully sponsored by our former partner in peace, Yasser Arafat.

If a couple of extra security steps to help stop these attacks really angers you I’d hate to see you at the airport.

But regarding workers, if they are Palestinians working in the PA controlled areas, then there’s no need to cross a checkpoint. Therefore there aren’t any.

But if they choose to work on the other side of the “border” – which Israel is under no obligation to allow, then obviously there’s a requirement for a security check. How is this any different than crossing ANY border in the world to work?

Now let me share with you a couple examples of the importance of security for Palestinians to go through security when employed in Israel.

1) The terrorist who bombed a bus in Tel Aviv in 2012 worked at McDonald’s in the Modi’in Mall.

2) Tomer Hazan worked in a Bat Yam restaurant with a Palestinian. He “befriended” him and went to his house where he was kidnapped and murdered.

3) Here is a Palestinian “ambulance”. On this particular ambulance attempting to cross into Israel, we have a woman and a child being used as a human shield and a powerful bomb that is destined to some crowded market to blow up Israelis.

Do they have clean drinking water?

Contrary to what you’ve been led to believe, Palestinian towns are not third world hellholes. And if they are, it’s not because of Israel’s doing. Any nation that receives as much aid money as the Palestinian people should be a G8 country by now, but when you choose to squander it and try to destroy your neighbour, it’s not money well spent, is it?

But alas, cooperation happens. And when it does, look at what you get: A joint Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian Water Sharing Agreement meant to build the infrastructure to give every single household fresh clean water.  Maybe you should start celebrating the positive cooperation between the parties of the conflict, instead of either ignoring them or writing them off as inadmissible to your hateful court.

Do they have sanitation?

Same agreement as above.

Do they have citizenship?

As a reminder, once upon a time, every single Arab between the “river and the sea” was given a chance to be Israeli citizens. They flatly rejected it then and they continue to reject it now. This question is just dumb. It’s like you want Palestinians to be completely autonomous and have their own state but still allow them to vote in another country, cross freely over the border even with the completely legitimate security issues and to have citizenship in another country? Are you making these demands with all countries or just the Jewish one?

Do they have the right not to have the standard issue kicking in their door in the middle of the night and taking their children away?

If you really think the Israeli army knocks down doors because there’s nothing better to do, obviously you think the fact that these “children” were attempting to murder Israelis a few hours earlier is irrelevant. Next question.

Do they have the right to appeal against arbitrary and indefinite imprisonment?

Over 1200 prisoners have been released in good faith by the Israelis just to advance peace talks. Most have actually masterminded terror attacks that have killed scores of people in cold blood. None have expressed remorse. All were hailed as heroes by the PA. And the children are taught to look to them as inspiration. Are you OK with this?

Do they have the right to re-occupy the property and homes they owned before 1948?

Do the 800,000 Jews AND THEIR DESCENDANTS have the right to “reoccupy” the property and homes that were forcibly confiscated from them in all the Arab countries before taking refuge in Israel? Did you know the Jewish population is 0 in 90% of all Arab countries?

Do you think it was a good idea for the Arab nations to compel the Arabs to flee their homes, leaving only the Jews so they could more easily annihilate the new-born state of Israel?

Do you think it was a good idea for all the Arab Nations to have discriminatory laws against Palestinian refugees for 65 years for the sole purpose of perpetuating the crisis instead of resettling them like in normal refugee situations?

Do they have the right to an ordinary, decent human family life?

Oh for goodness sake.

Do they have the right to self determination?

Who? Arabs? They don’t?

You can’t be talking about Palestinians. Be honest to yourself. “Palestinians” are Arabs who invented a “nation” only to serve a political purpose. To eliminate the Jew from the territory.

That being said, do you think Jews have this right? When Jews demand this right suddenly it’s “Zionist Apartheid”?

Do they have the right to continue to develop a cultural life that is ancient and profound?

Can you let me know whose development of a cultural life is being stymied in any way?

The workers in The Soda Stream Factory do not have any of these rights.

You speak for these workers?  I don’t know I’d rather let them speak for themselves.

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I'm a Canadian Israeli, Aliyah Class of '10. You may know me as tweeter AntiIsrael Douchebag (@notantisemitic) but here I'll tickle your Zionist bone in other ways.

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Facebook Comments

  • Gimpel the Fool

    Clearly Roger do need some education. Brilliantly written.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Syphilitic paresis.

  • kim
  • Yelena

    Send this to buzzfeed to counter their ridiculous Scarlett post!

  • walt kovacs

    he was smitten?

    what a creepy old bugger

    you wrote way too much

    i would simply say

    stfu, you old jew hating limp dick

  • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

    For many Israel haters, living inside their prejudiced, lying bubble seems convenient.

  • Ronit

    Part of me hopes he receives this message…part of me says ….he’s not going to listen or hear the truth because he made up his mind a long time ago and the truth doesn’t really matter to him. And…it would be difficult to think someone who chooses his facts so selectively against the Israeli state can be anything but a worthless anti semite anyway so…we shouldn’t care!

  • cba

    Excellent response!

    As Ronit says, it’s not going to affect Waters himself. Nevertheless, it’s important to counter his lies (and the lies of others), otherwise they simply become part of what “everyone knows” and then people who have zero ax to grind are reflexively anti-Israel because they’ve been told over and over it’s evil.

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  • brett

    As in the movie The Wall, Roger, please fall into the meat grinder.

    No one cares for rancid meat.

    Thanks for the education,Rog’!

  • Yenta Press

    My suggestion is to add a Gaza clause to each answer.

    Do they have the right to continue to develop a cultural life that is ancient and profound?
    Certainly,If it complies with Sharia Law. Ask the Hamas! (or the Christians of Gaza, If you can find one)

  • http://none Mark

    Graham Griffiths you talk and talk and yet you haven’t responded to any of Deebo’s points

    • Graham Griffiths

      I’m sorry, Mark -and this is a serious point- but where are this Deebo’s points? I’m not used to this site.

      And I’ve simply replied to three of the same old irrational arguments that equate anti-Zionism to anti-Semitism. If that’s how you say I ‘talk and talk’, I would say you’re a little prone to exaggeration!

      • deedee

        You have not shown where Waters “criticizes Israeli policy”. All I see is Waters slandering a country with baseless lies. Deebo addresses these lies in this very post. Have you read it?

        • Graham Griffiths

          Of course I’ve read it! Being unfamiliar with the site I’ve just realised who Zeebo is!

          It’s funny how some of you Zionists call critics liars, and use the same old ones yourselves. You too have not been specific. Which ‘lies’ of Waters’ are you referring to?

          I’ll give you just one in the article to be going on with, and that’s this silly myth that the Palestinians were told to leave their homes by the Arab armies while they fought the Jews in ’48. Can anyone with any intelligence really believe that? All 700,000 of them, many of them subsistence farmers, would just pack up and go and say with their relations miles away? Oh, come on!

          And how would this fictional message have been relayed to them all? By radio? There is no record in existence that such a message was broadcast.

          • Deebo

            Ha! Zeebo. That’s awesome.
            Anyway, thanks for reading.

            Also, you are right. No one would ever up and abandon their homes. But these folks thought they were going on a 2 week holiday.

            Have a look.

            • Graham Griffiths

              Just for a minute, I thought you were making a humorously ironic remark, but you really do believe it, don’t you? Jesus!

              Thanks for the link, by the way. I don’t need to comment on it, as the message board after it has plenty of the points I would have made.

              • deedee

                Yes, we really believe it because it happened. And since Israel has a 20% Arab minority, it means that not all Arabs ran away.

                Twenty percent is a pretty sizable minority, wouldn’t you say, Graham? As a comparison, African Americans make up less than 13% of the U.S. population. Seems like Israel pretty much sucks at “ethnic cleansing”.

                Oh, and while we’re on the subject, you do know that about 800,000 Jews were ethnically cleansed from Arab lands after 1948, don’t you? And you do realize that the percentage of Jews in those lands today is like 0%, right? I’m sure you are posting on various pro-Arab websites right now expressing your moral outrage about this, aren’t you, Graham? Of course you are.

                • Graham Griffiths

                  Er, no, I’m not, deedee! You don’t have to make more of a fool of yourself by making up silly ideas about me. You’ve done that by subscribing to this idiotic myth. I have plenty to read with all the liberal minded and intelligent commentators, mostly Jewish, on this subject.

                • Graham Griffiths

                  And yes, I did know about the Jews expelled from Arab countries at the time, and I’ve been trying to find out more about it. But what is your point? Yes, it was deplorable, but ‘two wrongs don’t make one right’ The violent removal of the Palestinian people from their lands not ok simply because Jews were apparently expelled from Arab countries.

                  And yes, there is a 20% Arab population in Israel; growing too. That’s going to cause more and more problems for the concept of establishing Israel as a ‘state for the Jewish people’.

                  • The_traveler

                    When you ignore the wrongs of one side to concentrate on the wrongs of the other, there is obviously some feelings driving that.

                • Devilworshipper

                  Er, no, because the vast majority of Jews who left Arab countries at the time were obviously welcomed in the new state of Israel and didn’t end up languishing in a refugee camp, like so many Palestinians and their offspring do today.

          • ududy

            “You Zionists” tells me everything i need to know about you. A Zionist is merely someone who believes Jews should have a national autonomy in their ancestral home of Israel, like Arabs have in two dozen countries of their own. Believing otherwise is on its own anti-semitism.

            The thing is that idealistic hatemongers like Waters – and i understand that you agree with him – will be responsible for more wars, because instead of bringing together Israelis and Palestinians in cultural and business projects, like groups who really desire peace are doing, you slander one side of the conflict and whitewash the crimes of the other, encouraging the militant-minded on both sides.

            • deedee

              Haha! I was just about to address the “you Zionists” factor. I wonder if Mr. Griffiths holds the same visceral revulsion for all nations of the world (who define themselves as nations and who occupy a national homeland) as he does for The Jewish People.

              • Graham Griffiths

                And here’s another! What makes you think I have a ‘visceral revulsion’ for Israel? So many of you lot on here are, understandably, paranoid because of the horrors of what happened to the Jewish people in the 20th Century, that you blindly react to any criticism of Israel at all as some form of racism.

                My chief hope for the land is based on the fact that there is a growing number of Jews worldwide, and Israeli commentators and historians who are very critical of what the Israeli government is doing. I suppose you’ll refer to them as ‘self-hating’

                • deedee

                  What is Israel’s government doing that has you so morally outraged?

                • Allahisgreat

                  @ graham

                  17-18million Jews versus hundreds of millions of Muslim JEWHATERS in the ME and around a BILLION world wide. Are you for real?

                  Yes some Jewhater were ONCE Jews by birth so what. They can criticise Jews like anyone else, doesn’t make them representative of Jews any more than your views are of the KKK

                  Oh wait…..

                  • deedee

                    Where do you get such inflated numbers from? World Jewish population is about 14 million.

            • Graham Griffiths

              You see, ududy, you’re doing it too, a little more subtly than some of the others, but not much. I am not a ‘hate-monger’. I simply think that people whose families have lived in an area for centuries obviously shouldn’t be evicted by foreign colonialists. What is this ‘ancestral homeland’ you refer to? If it’s Eretz Israel, as I understand it to mean according to the Zionists, then there’s no place at all for the Palestinian Arabs, is there?

              • deedee

                Tell me please – if the Jews are foreign colonialists in Eretz Yisrael, then where is their home base? What foreign country do they venture from in order to establish colonies? And if Jews are foreign colonialists, then why is Arabic so very similar to Hebrew? Do you think that’s a coincidence? Do you think Hebrew is a 19th century innovation based on Arabic to “fool” the world into thinking the Jews originated in the Middle East? Or maybe … here’s a crazy thought … The Jewish People are indigenous to the land, and are finally home.

                Sorry, Graham, The Jewish People have survived 2,000 years of abuse. They’ll also survive you and your fellow travelers.

                • Graham Griffiths

                  Well actually, I find it quite fascinating that Ivrit seems to have been manufactured out of ancient Hebrew; but what’s your point? I’ve not even mentioned that . If you’re going to argue with me, please stick to things I’ve said.

                  The Jewish people are not ‘home’. they cannot claim title to a land that belonged to people who may or may not be related to them from thousands of years ago. a very small number of them will be able to claim to be ‘indiginous’

                  But this is irrelevant, as it’s not me who has brought up the subject. Israel is there now and thriving, whatever anyone’s view is. My concern is the oppression of the Palestinian people, as I see it.

                  I hope you’re not accusing me ‘and my fellow travellers’, whoever they may be, of being abusive?

              • tal

                dear Peter Griffin

                by saying ‘ancestral homeland’ deedee refers to the land of Canaan AKA the land of Israel, where we used to live some 2000 plus years ago till we were banished by the Romans.
                having established that fact I think we earned our right for a little bit of homecoming rights.
                now seeing as we’re kinda stuck here together, we might aswell try and make the best of it no?
                we started in 1947 with the UN Partition Plan which they rejected, and continued in 1967 (Khartoum), 2000 (Camp David), 2001 (Taba), 2008 (Olmer offer), 2012 (Current negotiations).
                can you really say we didn’t try enough?
                we released convicted criminals from our jails, over a 1000 of them, for no good reason yet.
                the offer that came in 2008 was for a third of this country’s land along with a split of Jerusalem, I don’t know where you’re from but I doubt you’d give half of your capitol city for anything.
                in summation Peter, they can have some, but they can’t have it all, we live here too you know.

                • deedee

                  LOL, Tal, not that I disagree with you, but his name is Graham Griffiths. :-D

                  • tal

                    I know :)
                    he pissed me off with that “ududy” shit.

                    • deedee

                      Haha, I think he was responding to the poster named Ududy. But I get it – when the blood boils, it’s hard to process details.

                    • Graham Griffiths

                      Oh sorry, Tal, I must have been confused. I’m glad deedee asked for clarification, but I would never stoop to the childish ploy of insulting someone’s name. I’m quite a fan of Family Guy, actually.

                  • tal

                    and Peter griffin is not that a bad comparison to what we have going on here I think.

                • Graham Griffiths

                  I think I’ll have to store and simply paste some points because I’m getting weary answering the same old stuff. It might save me some trouble, I’m sure, if you could look back through the thread and see points I’ve already made.

                  So here I go again. Of course the Arabs rejected the ’48 Partition Plan which gave nearly 60% of the land to a group of immigrant colonialists whom they outnumbered over 2 to 1. Can you imagine any group of people accepting that.

                  And the fact that an ancient people inhabited the area 3,000 years ago, does not give anyone from round the world a title to the land simply because they share the same old religion. There have been Jews living there since that time, but nobody from any background can trace his ancestry that far back, so to claim it as your ‘rightful homeland’ now is ridiculous.

                  Israel is very much in existence now, of course, so we must work from there, but you lot continue to exclude the rights of the Palestinians.

                  • deedee

                    but nobody from any background can trace his ancestry that far back, so to claim it as your ‘rightful homeland’ now is ridiculous.

                    So… you are not only delegitimizing the State of Israel, you are also delegitimizing Jewish nationhood itself. I suppose you think that during the 2,000 year diaspora, the different Jewish communities around the world were the product of spontaneous generation, totally independent of each other, with no common geographical link from where they originated. I mean, isn’t that the logical conclusion of your argument?

                • Graham Griffiths

                  Well, to answer your question, Tal,I’m from Manchester.

                  It is, of course, a contentious issue whether Jerusalem is Israel’s capital!

              • Allahisgreat

                @ graham. You mean like the Jews evicted by the colonial arabs in the 7th century. Well on that we can certainly agree! Jews have lived in Israel inc Judah and Samaria for THOUSANDS OF YRS far longer than any frickin Palestinians Pally.

                I trust you will now SUPPORT the Jews in their eternal / infernal battle against the Arab colonial hordes who wish to subjugate and slaughter them and kick them of their homelands

                PS. The Arabs u refer to are mostly immigrants who came for work AFTER the first Zionists in the late 19th century. The Jews bought the land from absentee Arab landlords and Ottomans

                The Jews dredged the swamps and made the dessert fertile. The Arabs did nothing in Israel for hundreds of yrs. The left it to rot along with their Muslim Ottoman masters.

                FYI These Palestinians have NEVER owned the land never ever ever.

                What about Christians being evicted All over the ME- concerned for them too. Or seeing as no Jews involved you don’t care for them do you

                PS. Why is Palestine Judenrein and around 90% of all Muslims Arab countries Judenrein.

                Why are Jews banned from building a house in Palestine yet A MILLION PALESTINIAN/ Arabs live with equal rights as any Jews or Christians or Hindus or Ba’hias in Israel.. These Arabs have MORE RIGHTS IN Israel than Arabs have in ANY other Arab country Funny that!


                • Graham Griffiths

                  One point at a time, mate! But if you’re going to give me ill-informed nonsense like the Palestinians arriving after the 19th century Zionists, then I don’t know where you get your illusions from.

                  This ‘making the desert bloom’ hasbara is another one I’m sick of hearing too. The Palestinians farmed and exported wheat, olives and citrus well before Ben Gurion’s colonists came along. Yes, improved techniques from the West Improved the yield in the Jaffa orange industry after the Zionists had taken it over, but to say there was nothing beforehand is another myth I keep coming across with you lot.

                  Jews aren’t allowed to build a home in the West Bank? What about all the settlements? The settler population there has reached half a million.

                  And Israeli Arabs can, can they? Tell that to the people evicted from their homes in eAst Jerusalem. The Bedouin in the Negev are not going to have a great time of it under the Prawer Plan soon too, are they?

          • ibo

            Even PRESIDENT ABBAS sayed this when he worked as a journalist!He said the Arabs forced them to leave and then they put them in camps.
            Also you see there are a lot of Arabs in Israel so not everybody leave,but many Arabs from other countires came after the war to the Camps because there was enough to eat.
            Even the Hamas sayed there are no Palestinians!

          • Allahisgreat

            @ Graham


            Of you single out the INE Jewish state for criticism and ignore the women subjugating undemocratic gay hating zilch free speech or judiciary or media, Christian killing and church torching cesspool that is the Muslim – Arab 22/23 state Middle East than anti Zionism IS CERTAINLY JEW HATE

            • Allahisgreat

              Wish I could edit the spelling lol.

              If you single out the ONE Jewish state for criticism and ignore the women subjugating, undemocratic, gay hating zilch free speech or judiciary or media, Christian killing and church torching cesspool that is the Muslim – Arab 22/23 state Middle East than anti Zionism CERTAINLY IS JEW HATE( and those 23 certainly includes “Palestine” Pally !

            • Graham Griffiths

              I’m sorry, ‘Allahisgreat’, but you’ll have to rewrite that rant in clearer English for me. And for goodness’ sake, take a tablet or something, before you fall over, frothing at the mouth.

          • Allahisgreat

            @ graham. Do some frickin research Pally and enough with your one sided Pro Pal garbage:

            Sarah Elshazly, an Arab commentator says: 
            “..What angers me the most about this is the stories that I heard as child from those ones who stayed behind.  “The question is, why did Arabs living in what became Israel flee? The ones who remained in their homes actually live and prosper. So why didn’t they stay.  The Arab world warned the Palestinians of staying with the Jews. They also warned them that they were going in to fight the Zionists and that the Palestinians should leave in order for them not to get hurt. Many Palestinians trusted these Arab leaders and left. My family members have always told us that there were cars going around telling people to stay put. The cars contained Jews. They told everyone that they will not harm them. Thus we have the situation where Jews are begging Arabs to stay and live with them and other Arabs from outside the country were telling them to flee for their lives.


            • Graham Griffiths

              Yes, I really must save some comments and simply paste them to save saying the same thing over and over again, er, pally.

              If you look down the thread you’ll see that I’ve had a discussion (not for the first time!) about this idiotic lie that the Palestinians were told to go on holiday, all 700,000 of them, while the Arab armies fought the Zioinists.

              As for your suggestion that I do some research, perhaps I can recommend some of the work I’ve looked at by Ilan Pappe, Benny Morris, Norman Finkelstein and others.

  • David Bullen

    If this guy was as concerned with civil and human rights and with ilegal land grabbing maybe he should be talking more about the way america has cheated killed poisoned its native people and continue to ignore agreements signed by your government. Or is that different because you live there how about showing us you believe in what you say and go home first before coming out with crap about the middle east..

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  • Dean

    Roger Waters: When will you be buying the condo in Damascus, Gaza, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Saudi, etc? Why not, Roger? Perhaps they would not like old opinionated millionaire hippies into drugs and the “high” lifestyle? Maybe they would not like all your gay friends and your anti-oil friends who can afford high energy costs that they want to force upon everyone (ie – poor people) else to pay? Jew hate has become so fashionable among you geriatric jet-setters these days. With all your money, Rog, why don’t you give it all away to Hamas, Hezbollah and All Qaeda – you know, all those downtrodden terrorists who always appreciate a helping hand from dhimmi washed-up performers like you? You see, Rog, what I think you hate about Israel is that it is strong and determined to offer a good life to all who live there, including Arabs who are treated as equals (Jews are almost gone from Arab lands – and Christians are now being victimized and killed). Israel believe in life but those who want to destroy Israel believe in death and destruction. You, Rog, seem to be a bit like a fish out of Waters – you do not know your anything about the Israel you despise or the Arab countries you deify. You are an ignoramus with a chip on his shoulder and a bunch of leftists cheering you on – as a washed up entertained I guess that you are enjoying the adulation and care not about the lies and confusion it takes to earn the applause from your new friends.

  • Allahisgreat

    Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian?”
    “We did not particularly mind Jordanian rule. The teaching of the destruction of Israel was a definite part of the curriculum­, but we considered ourselves Jordanian until the Jews returned to Jerusalem. Then all of the sudden we were Palestinians – they removed the star from the Jordanian flag and all at once we had a Palestinian flag”.
    “When I finally realised the lies and myths I was taught, it is my duty as a righteous person to speak out”.
    -Walid Shoebad – Former PLO Member

    “There is no such country as Palestine. ‘Palestine­’ is a term the Zionists invented. There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries part of Syria. ‘Palestine­’ is alien to us. It is the Zionists who introduced it”.

    – Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi­, Syrian Arab leader to British Peel Commission­, 1937 –

    “There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not”.
    – Professor Philip Hitti, Arab historian, 1946

    “It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but Southern Syria”.
    – Rep of Saudi Arabia at the United Nations, 1956

    Sooooooooo. Jews been in the land for 3800 yrs. Palestinans since 1964

    Who’s the imperial colonialist now Rog & Graham?

    • Graham Griffiths

      It doesn’t matter what you call the country. The local people’s families had lived there for centuries under the Ottoman rule, as opposed to the much smaller Jewish population. The vast majority of Zionists in ’48 came from Europe, making a spurious claim to a land from 3,000 years ago.

      • mzk1_1

        2,000, Spurious?

    • Graham Griffiths

      Try some of this, about the non-existent Palestine.

  • Gil

    The Dark side of the moon for many moons has a been the simbol of geniality and inspiration for all .
    Last few years the Dark side of the moon have swelled you into the darkness of discriminatory partizan mind .
    I wish , for a new song written for the
    Bright side of your moon
    I love
    I dont like u

  • Gil

    Im saying
    I love you
    But i dont like
    Know what im saying
    Mr. Rigers

  • Gil

    Rogers ?

  • http://none Mark

    Actually Jews have continuously lived in Israel look up here is one place for example In 1596, Peki’in appeared in Ottoman tax registers as being in the Nahiya of Akka of the Liwa of Safad. It had a population of 77 Muslim households and 7 Muslim bachelors and 79 Jewish households.During the muslim riots in the early 20th century when muslims from Syria and Lebanon came to the town the Jews were driven out.One family remained

  • http://none Mark

    Graham Griffiths most of the Brits killed were military.The Jews only attacked the King David Hotel because not dissimilar then the muslimsthe Brits put their Hdqtrs in a civilian hotelThe Brits armed and trained the Jordainians pre 1948 Glubb Pashas,Sir John Glubb commanded the Jordan Legion and the oficer corps were almost all Brits and Irish as well as their air force.
    How about the Jews who lived in East Jerusalem Ethnically cleansed the Jews of Hebron murdered and ethnically cleansed in yrs before Israel became a state.People can have disagreements with Israel but when it becomes an obsession to to only point out the one Jewish state it’s anti semitism.Yea you heard me anti semitism

    • Graham Griffiths

      Because there are countries worthy of criticism just does not excuse another. This is another defence often put over by Zionists, and it’s reminiscent of the kind of argument a young schoolboy might try when he’s caught doing something wrong. “Not just me. What about them over there?” Criticism of Israel does not. you heard me, not, equal anti-Semitism.

      The King David Hotel bombing was, by any standards, an act of terrorism, as was the hanging of the sergeants or the murder of Count Bernadotte.

      I’m afraid your syntax in the last paragraph has made it difficult to understand, but if you’re referring to the Hebron massacre, yes, it was appalling and tragic. But it was put in the shade by the systematic and efficient ethnic cleansing of 700,000 Palestinians in three months in ’48.

      • http://none Mark

        Yet you deem not to answer the question why have you never condemned muslim responses.And yes my syntax was hard to understand but you get the gist

        • Graham Griffiths

          There are so many posts I’m answering at the moment, Mark, that I ‘m under the impression that I’ve covered every point. I’ve asked one or two not to submerge me with so much different material. I can answer that one now. If you’re referring to terrorism on the side of the Muslims, of course I condemn it as I condemn any extremism. Can you remind me of which specific point you mean?

      • mzk1_1

        How about the indiscriminate murder of a number of Jews in Jerusalem by British soldiers after the sergeants were hanged? Or did you know about that?

        How about the murder of Jews by the so-called Palestinian Arabs in the 20’s and the 30’s – not just in Hebron – to which the viciously anti-Semitic British would not give an adequate response? Why do you think some of the Jews turned to terrorism?

        If the Arabs and British Army had not been so anti-Semitic, there might not be a State of Israel today. And if you can’t believe facts (yes, the Arabs did leave in the hope of coming back and taking Jewish property) because they don’t fit your preconceptions, then there’s no hope for you.

        And, BTW, I’m not a Zionist, so don’t try that tack.

      • Lee

        You might want to get the entire story, not just the one the Brits/Arabs tell. The Jews involved in the bombing telephoned the British commander at the hotel and told him a bomb was going to go off and warned him to get the people out. The commander, in typical British military style, refused to be threatened by some Jews and, therefore, refused to evacuate anyone. This has been shown to be true — even by the British — many times, however, many people, such as yourself, don’t want to be confused with the truth.

  • סרחיו מספרד

    Great response!

  • The_traveler

    It is interesting to watch people criticize only Israel and then justify their lack of attention to any other problems by saying that they have to start somewhere righting wrongs.

    That is like walking into a riot and criticizing a pavement artist for chalking on the sidewalk.

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  • Peter Wang

    Hey Roger, leave those Jews alone; all in all you’re just another goose with no balls.

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