El Doucherino Guns For Approval Of Iranian El Presidente


In the wake of Israel’s interception of the Iranian arms shipment destined for Gaza, anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein has diverted himself from harassing African-American and homosexual Israel supporters to post that the Iranian government was not behind the shipment.

Israeli Navy Intercepts Alleged Iranian Arms Shipment Near Sudanese Port

silverstein glassesIsrael was quick to make unproven claims that the shipment represents the official political position of the Iranian government, meaning that it may not be trusted either with nuclear weapons or even in the negotiations about its nuclear program


This, of course, is nonsense.  This is no more the official policy of the Iranian political echelon than saying that Israeli arms shipments to Syria rebels in the Golan represent Israel’s official position regarding the Syrian civil war.  Further, this sort of statement disregards the political situation within Iran.  Because of decades of military threat from Israel, the U.S. and other Gulf States, Iran has ceded massive amounts of power to its military arm, the Revolutionary Guards.  They are an autonomous center of power in much the same way that the Egyptian army, which wrested civilian control in a coup, is.


My own confidential Israeli source has offered important information about the raid not reported elsewhere, which provides needed context.  This was an operation of the Revolutionary Guards.  The shipment was meant for the Islamic Jihad in Gaza.  The IRG, after dumping Hamas during the Syrian civil war, has embraced IJ as its new ally in Gaza.

Typical Silverstein fare, with the characteristic claim of having a “confidential Israeli source,” despite the way that’s worked out for him in the past.

What made this post-worthy in my mind was what Silverstein did after posting this. Namely tweeting a link to his post to none other than Hassan Rouhani, the president of Iran.

Perhaps Silverstein is looking for a new paying gig, or just wants his ego massaged by someone to whom he looks up. Either way, it really is a testament to his level of hatred for Israel that he shows such sycophancy to the leader of the country making no bones about their desire to turn us into bones.

Despite ludicrous claims like this:

I’d suggest it’s Silverstein who has trouble with English. Question is, how’s his Farsi?

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